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Nintendo Wii URelease date rumours for the PS4, Nintendo Wii U & Xbox 720

It’s been a while now since the rumours started flying about the development of next generation games consoles, Playstation 4, Nintendo Wii U and the Xbox 720; what the first games will be, whether they’ll adapt to new 3D TVs, how the controllers will work, how much they’ll cost, whether there’ll be any new entrants to the big three…

However, the first rumours that were bound to surface is the release date of the Nintendo Wii U, Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 and the signs seem to point to the end of 2013 for the latter 2 now that the Wii U has stormed the markets early. As long as the disasters of the film 2012 don’t materialise (which, as it turned out, they haven’t) in reality then 2013 should see the likes of Sony and Microsoft trying to catch Nintendo’s early march, pitting themselves against each other in the next round of the computer games console wars.

The main reasoning behind the rumour is the word on the street that the GPU developers for the consoles have been rubber stamped and the development time required pointed to 2012 at the earliest. How much of a step forward the next generation games consoles will be is unknown, except for the mighty might of the Wii U, but with the motion sensor technology proliferation, you’ve got to assume that all of the consoles will take motion sensors to the next level for the new releases.

Check out our updates below for more news and developments in the new console wars.

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