Peter Capaldi steps down as the Doctor, but who will replace him?

Peter Capaldi quits Doctor WhoPeter Capaldi has finally announced his retirement from Time Lord duties after solid two year stint in the role and while we’re doubtful he’s timed it specifically on the January football transfer deadline day, it does beg the question, who’s next. Capaldi became the Twelfth Doctor in 2014, taking over the role from Matt Smith with Clara Oswald having to come to terms with such a significant transformation. Will the new Doctor be old or young again, off the hinges or with serious scientific intentions?

The next few months are going to be rife with speculation and there are already lots of suggestions doing the rounds online, but here’s our two pence on who we’re hoping fills Peter Capaldi’s unlaced boots.


Firstly, the next Doctor will be the thirteenth incarnation sequentially, so surely there’s got to be something very unique about the next tenure. If that isn’t enough to suggest change, there’s also a healthy number of women the frame for the job, so we could end up seeing something radically different.

Our Thirteenth Doctor preferences:

1. Sara Pascoe – Our first entry won’t be found in any other list online, but we’re sticking by it. She’s funny, with an edge that’s dryer than a desiccated U2 guitarist. Plus she’s pretty out there at times, especially when she flashes her Judge Doom eyes. We’re not too sure about her acting credentials, but we’re pretty sure she’d pick them up along the way.

2. Olivia Coleman – easily the bookies’ favourite, Olivia has got the complete package when it comes to Doctor Who credentials. With the comedy genius of Peep Show and serious drama of Tyrannosaur and The Night Manager she ticks a lot of Time Lord boxes.

3. Leslie Manville – this is another one of our wildcard suggestions, but with an Olivier Award on the mantle and comedy of Mum: Series 2 on the horizon, there’s definitely some merit to it.

4. Emma Watson – this is an unlikely addition for us, despite her face featuring in a number of other preferred choices for the Thirteenth Doctor. Comedy will be the big challenge though, along with her Hollywood commitments and budget following the upcoming live action adaptation of Beauty And The Beast.


5. Lily James – finally there’s the action and comedy potential of Lily James (Pride And Prejudice And Zombies) who’s also had her fair share of serious roles with her roles in Downton Abbey and the BBC adaptation of War And Peace. Again, she doesn’ loom too large elsewhere, but she would definitely be a good shout.

Will the Thirteenth Doctor really be a woman?

It’s not 100% certain by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s definitely on the cards. As is the potential for the first black Doctor. Richard Ayoude is in the mix, along with David Harewood. Ben Wishaw (SPECTRE) leads the best of the rest, along with maybe Colin Morgan (Humans: Series 2) and Andrew Scott (Sherlock). However, with no Steven Moffatt at the helm, whoever it is they’ll be joining a slightly new Doctor Who. Leave a comment below to let us know who your ideal new Doctor is.

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