PlayStation VR2 release date latest

With the recent announcement, it’s time to talk about the latest details on the PlayStation VR2 release date, which will give us the first major upgrade to Sony PlayStation’s VR headset technology. It’s been a little over five years since the first virtual reality headset arrived for the PS4 back in 2016, so it may not be the most overdue technological advancement, but with the arrival of the PS5 in 2020 it kind of makes sense.

PlayStation VR2 release date

Virtual reality is still a burgeoning technology, but Sony is definitely one of the most successful in the market and the upcoming arrival of the VR2 should help to take things to the next level. There’s been a lot of optimistic talk about the potential of virtual reality systems and the wider meta-verse, but this hasn’t really come to all that much as of yet, so it’s going to be interesting to see how PlayStation’s next headset changes the landscape.

The announcement came during the official PlayStation Presentation at CES 2022, but in all fairness that simply consisted of a lot of talk without too much in the way of visuals for the system or the software. However, in addition to the announcement about the VR2, there was also a short video showing off what looks like it might be the flagship game for the launch, Horizon Call of the Mountain.

PlayStation VR2 release date

As of yet, there is no official PlayStation VR2 release date, but we’re going out on a limb with our prediction for this to be available for Christmas 2022. While the presentation didn’t show off much of the tech directly, there was a stylised image of the Sense Controllers looking pretty much ready to go, which makes it look like Sony has been quietly beavering away on the whole thing for some time.

If the controllers are good to go then the headset should be pretty well advanced and we probably won’t have too long to wait to see it. Without a system to play them on the controllers are pretty much redundant, so if the controllers are pretty much ready then the headset won’t be too far behind either.

If that isn’t enough to go on, you can also factor in the snippet of action we got to see in the presentation of Horizon Call of the Mountain. Details are still thin on the ground for the VR2 title, but the very fact that they had visuals is yet another good sign that the update to PlayStation’s virtual reality system could well drop later in 2022.

Jan-bart Van Beek, one of the studio directors at developers Guerrilla, didn’t specify whether or not the video footage was gameplay or cinematic cut-scene, but if we had to take a punt we’d say it was probably gameplay. If that’s the case then development for the Horizon VR2 game will probably be pretty well advanced, which Jan-bart alludes to when he says that the game has been, “build from the ground up for PlayStation’s next gen VR hardware”.

The emphasis is on the past tense, “built”, which is a strong message that the game might be pretty much done and dusted in a rough form and the next phase of development will be testing and polishing the title. The fact that the Horizon Forbidden West release date was pushed back so much is also a good indication that the studio has had to split efforts between it and the VR2 title.

For anyone that has seen the presentation already, you may have picked up the fact that he also refers to Horizon Call of the Mountain as a “new Horizon experience”, which makes it sound a bit like a demonstration of capabilities as opposed to a fully playable title. This is added to by the video footage, which seemed to show the action being on rails as you travel through the environment, which is far from what we’re used to from Alloy and her Zero Dawn 3rd-person action adventure gameplay style.

However, Van Beek also refers to it as a game and an adventure, which kind of implies that there’s going to be more to the action that just the nineteen seconds of footage that we got to see. Hopefully, this is just a quick teaser and the end product is much more like Horizon Forbidden West, but with virtual reality environments to explore and interact with.

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PlayStation VR2 features

While the focus is on the release date for the PlayStation VR2, we thought we’d also throw in some details about the features that make the system so exciting, so here’s a rundown of what’s coming our way when it comes out:

  • Better visuals – 4K HDR delivered on an OLED display within the VR2 headset. This will give you a resolution of 2000×2040 per eye and frame rates of 90 to 120Hz.
  • Foveated rendering – okay, so this one sounds confusing, but the general gist is that anything in your peripheral vision will get reduced image quality to reduce the workload, which means that what you’re looking at can get the majority of the horsepower to deliver better visuals.
  • 110 degree field of view – this is up from 100 degrees for the current PlayStation VR system, helping you to immerse more into the environment.
  • New sensory features – this is essentially going to be a combination of eye tracking technology, headset feedback, 3D audio and the more traditional controller feedback to bring the games to life. The headset feedback is the one we’re most excited about, as it will provide subtle responses to in-game actions as you’re playing.
  • Eye controls – this will give you new inputs for activity in the game. It’ll be good to get some examples of this as we get closer to the VR2 release date.
  • Simplified setup – the system will have a single cord and there will be no more need for an external camera for tracking, so it should feel more less like a hookup pod to the Matrix.

We’ll update you with more details on the PlayStation VR2 release date as they’re confirmed. You can also check out our computer games section to keep tabs on the game, or visit the PlayStation website at for more details on when it’s going to come out.