Red Dwarf X review

Red Dwarf X reviewRed Dwarf X brought Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn back to British TV this year thanks to the great work from the guys at Dave (Hello Daaave!). If there was any worry from the cult classic fans that the old magic had dimmed it was wasted energy, because series 10 is just as funny as it was when it all began 24 years ago.

The good news for the world’s best sci-fi comedy is that Craig Charles’ stint on Coronation Street hasn’t taken the edge off his performance as Dave Lister. He doesn’t even look too old to play the slacker crew member and his lines are as well-cut as ever.


In fact, all of the cast are back to their best, but then they’ve had a long time to get their characters just right. Danny John-Jules is brilliant once again as the dim-witted and style obsessed Cat, Robert Llewellyn plays Red Dwarf’s service mechanoid Kryton to perfection and Chris Barrie’s Arnold J (for Judas) Rimmer is the quintessential foolish foil to it all.

However, the most important elements have got to be the scripting and episode story lines that make Red Dwarf X work so well. The dialogue is slick and very funny and each episode feels like a mini adventure, taking the new series from psycho killer robots to a secretly over-endowed new ship’s computer.

Co-creator Doug Naylor has done a great job directing the tenth incarnation of the show. The special effects are just as special as they’ve always been and the set is stunning, especially when you consider the fact that the series was recorded in front of a live studio audience.

Red Dwarf Series 10 is, in short, brilliant. Sadly, the 6 episodes are coming to an end already on Dave, but luckily for anyone that missed it, they’re available to download from iTunes and the DVD is set for release on the 19th November 2012.

If you don’t crack up at Chinese whiskers, the selection process for the new computer or Rimmer’s fraternal lies then your heart might possibly be made of ice.


Red Dwarf X review: 4.3/5

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