RedDog BagPods

RedDog Bag PodsIt’s not very often that a new bag company comes along that does enough to stand out, but RedDog’s collection of clutches, bags and iPad wallets are perfectly designed with great lines, materials and style. They only started out in 2009, so they’re still pretty fresh faced, but they’re way ahead of the pack when it comes to fashionable tech-accessories.

Their BagPods are genius. With one of these, you never have to change the contents of your bag again. Just transfer the pod between whatever handbag you want to take out and you’ll always have your favourite mobile brick-a-brack in the same place wherever you go.

It’s not just function that RedDog does well either. Their iPad envelopes don’t just keep your little tablet safe, they also come in a massive variety of colours, styles and material to suit whatever look you want to pull off. They’re as chic as it gets where carrying your techie trim is concerned.

Even when you strip the company back to its basics, the handbag itself, you still find a lot of class from the Abergavenny based style pioneers. From the elongated Jackie with lots of space without the bulk to the diamond stitched detail of the Ella, RedDog spends a lot of time and effort getting simple style right.

Stockists are smaller, boutique shops, so you’re probably better off ordering directly from RedDog’s online shop if you don’t have one near you. Visit to find out more. BagPods start at just £22.95 and there’s a really good choice of styles to choose from.

RedDog BagPods review: 4.7/5

RedDog black leather croc iPad Envelope
RedDog black leather croc iPad Envelope
RedDog ruby red Jackie handbag
RedDog ruby red Jackie handbag


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