Reiss Autumn Winter 2014 menswear picks

With the end of summer slowly approaching on the last remnants of the golden horizon, it’s time to once again to take a good long look at your wardrobe to decide what you need to make it through another frosty autumn and winter. Our usual strategy is to look at the big impact items first, so here’s our picks from the Reiss Autumn Winter 2014 menswear collection, to give you a bit of inspiration ahead of the approach of Jack and his frost bitten fingers.


Reiss autumn winter 2014 coats

As ever, Reiss are pretty monochrome in their styling, but when it comes to a signature coat selection, that’s exactly what you need for the chilly trials of autumn and winter. Their 2014 collection isn’t necessarily their most expansive to-date, but we’re big fans of their Roman pea coat, which works very well in both navy and grey (centre and right) and retails at £275. If pea coats are not your thing, the navy funnel collar coat on the left could be a good option also with a price tag of £265. They’re all versatile, warm and stylish, so they could be strong first additions to your autumn/winter wardrobe refresh.



Reiss autumn winter 2014 knitwear

When it comes to knitwear, Reiss is pretty solid at getting the basic right and creating great fitting, high quality knits that will help to keep you snug and warm throughout autumn and winter. It may look a little plain, but the long sleeve Moorly polo knit (£79) on the left is great for more relaxed days in the craziness of the office. The two jumpers (Centre – Laine Raglan crew-neck grey jumper, £85; right – Browning multi-fleck navy jumper, £69) can also be pulled on over a jumper for more easy slogs in the office, but they’re probably best over simple t-shirts with a pair of jeans on the weekend.


Reiss autumn winter 2014 blazers

Blazers aren’t exactly everyone’s thing, but if you’re looking to make a statement this autumn winter, they could be a good way to go, whether it’s the light touch smartness of the Charlie grey boiled wool blazer (left – £159), or the more traditional look of the Snowdon B flecked blue modern blazer on the right (£265) and the Jackson B charcoal textured modern blazer in the centre (also £265).


Reiss autumn winter 2014 suits

The 2014 AW suits at Reiss are all about Italian slim lines and sharp finishing. Each of the three in the image above are fairly similar in terms of style, but with their personal tailoring service (from £550 to £895) you can get the perfect suit that fits you like a glove. However, if you’re looking for something off the hanger, the Flint wool two-piece suit in midnight on the left is £450, the Saint slim-fit charcoal wool suit in the centre is £395, and the Spear two piece dark navy suit is £395 (you can add the waistcoat for an additional £110).


Reiss autumn winter 2014 socks

It may feel like a bit of a step down from the higher style of the coats, suits and blazers above, but winter socks shouldn’t be underestimated, and rather surprisingly Reiss have some very strong options when it comes to foot fluffers. There’s a lot of options, and the three pictured are just the tip of the iceburg, with everything from light blue, polka dots and fine stripes to choose from. They’re all £12, which is admittedly a bit more expensive than the average Next 6-pack, but these are probably the best array of socks we’ve seen, so definitely worth the investment if you’re looking for a good looking, nice fitting and long lasting set of boot buffers.

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