Winter hats for women


When it’s biting cold outside there’s nothing better than staying in where it’s warm. However, if you really have to go out or if it snows and you want to go sledging, igloo building or North Pole expaditioning (no, it’s not a real word) then you’re going to need a half decent winter hat. The near complete stop of blood flow to your ears on cold mornings and the possibility of not having enough time to dry your hair properly because you smashed the snooze button way too many times means that winter hats are crucial. Here’s the pick of the best winter hats for women this season:

John Lewis winter hats for women

A|Wear winter gloves and hats for women
Dorothy Perkins winter hats for women
Reiss accessories, hats, gloves and snoods
Warehouse cold weather accessories
Debenhams winter hats and gloves for women

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