Sign the petition to save Watership Down from the West Berkshire County Council


Save Watership DownIn a bizarre twist that sees reality following fiction down an ill thought out rabbit warren, West Berkshire County Council has managed to choose Sandleford Park, the inspiration for author Richard Adams’ legendary children’s novel, Watership Down, as the site for the development of 2,000 new homes!

What’s next? Filling in all of the vole holes along the Thames around Cookham? Closing down White Deer Park? Shooting on sight any circumnavigationally inclined lions with soft spots for lady panthers? Fools?

It’s a decision that could destroy a large proportion of fragile countryside that serves as the home to both wildlife and ancient woodlands. With the council meeting next week to assess the public view towards the development it gives the local population of Berkshire and the rest of the UK the opportunity to voice concerns about developments like this, especially one that is so closely linked to such a classic story.

There’s a petition set up on to sign if you’re as much against this as we are at Tuppence. It was started by local resident, Jean Norton, to increase the number of people saying no to the housing development and saving Sandleford from the diggers.

Sign the petition here.


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