Star Wars Battlefront ll Starfighter Assault guide

Star Wars Battlefront II Starfighter Assault guideThe Force is growing ever stronger with the impending releases of Star Wars Battlefront ll and the new movie, The Last Jedi. Battlefront fans have already had a good taste of the multiplayer from the popular beta from a couple weeks ago, enjoying some of the fun game modes and features.

One of these game modes was Starfighter Assault, a huge 24 player (coupled with 40 AI players) space battle mode where two teams combat each other in a variety of ships while completing different combat objectives and scenarios. In case you missed the beta or want to know more about this hectic game mode, here is our guide explaining the gameplay and revealing what scenarios should be expected.


Gameplay guide

Starfighter Assault features two teams of 12, the Republicans or Rebels versus the Droids or Empire, battling against each other throughout the stars trying to complete their own objectives in order to win the game. Usually, one team attacks while one team defends. For example, the Rebel team’s objective is to destroy the Star Destroyer while the Empire team’s objective is to defend the Star Destroyer.

Throughout a battle, both teams will be thrown into combat scenarios where the results will impact the completion of the objectives. Of course, players need to make sure they’re destroying enemy ships and dodging attacks, as this is the quickest way to win matches.

Scenario/maps guide

There are five different maps for Starfighter Assault in the full Battlefront ll game, taken from all three eras. Each map will have its own unique objectives for teams. In the beta, players had access to Fondor which is based around the Imperial Star Destroyer which is the example above. For the attackers, it involves three stages of objectives while the defenders simply just need to prevent the two Imperial Light Cruisers and the shipyard’s shield generators from being destroyed. What’s clever here is that for the attackers to gain access to the shield generators, they need to disable the Destroyer’s power couplings. After this, they would have 30 seconds to fire on the generators. If unsuccessful, the couplings need to be disabled again. All while doing this, the defenders are trying to stop the attackers. These are the kind of combat scenarios which will feature in every battle, making every one as tense and challenging as the other.

The other maps in the game mode are:

  • Ryloth – based around a Lucrehulk Battleship
  • Endor – based around Death Star Debris
  • Kamino – based around a Research Outpost
  • Unknown Region – based around a Resurgent Star Destroyer

All of these maps should be designed in such an authentic way that it will feel like a dream come true for Star Wars fans, as was the case playing Fondor in the Open Beta. It’ll be as close as they can get to actually battling in space as Starfighters.


Starfighter Assault ships guide

Of course, to succeed in Starfighter Assault, players need to boast a good Starfighter, capable of helping their teams to victory. Each faction has three different Starfighter classes available to choose from. Each class has been tailored to a different playing style. Interceptors such as the A-wing are rapid and will be useful when dodging enemy attacks or needing to quickly achieve an objective. Fighters such as the TIE/LN are dominant Starfighters and will cause big impact both in offense and defense. Lastly, bombers such as the Y-wing are deadly and should have an advantage when it comes to combat scenarios.

All classes will have their disadvantages, but a mixture of these Starfighters in one team is bound to give players great results in battles. It’s worth noting that they can all be customised using Star Cards. Star Cards can also be activated before battles to give players a slight advantage in gameplay.

Battle Points play as big of a role in this game mode as the others. Obtaining enough points grants players the opportunity to take control of a Hero Ship, with the various options including the most famous ships in Star Wars. There’s Han’s Millennium Falcon, Boba Fett’s Slave l, Darth Maul’s Scimitar and Poe Dameron’s T-70 X-win.

These ships can also be customised using Star Cards so that they go with a player’s Starfighter style. A Hero Ship which may be more offensive can be tweaked to cater more to a defence-minded player’s needs.

Starfighter Assault is looking like one of the best new additions to Battlefront ll and is sure to create many enjoyable moments for players. Not long to go now until the winter season of Star Wars takes over lives. For tips and tricks on how to win more battles and become a different kind of force to be reckoned with in the galaxy, check out our article here, or you can see the action for yourself in the video below.

Starfighter Assault tips:

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