The Ready Stance, Damndest debut album

The Ready StanceCincinnati based The Ready Stance confirmed their 2012 debut album release, Damndest, with the stream of track preview, Wrecking Ball, from the upcoming record. They were tipped as a cross between old-school REM and Yuck You with a slither of Everclear thrown in for good measure, and as a result Damndest looked set go on to become one of a line of good debut albums in 2012.

It was released on the 21st May 2012, available on vinyl, CD and digital download, with some very cool album artwork to go along with it featuring an oddly surprised bearded fellow crouching in an attic and reaching for a well used case with the words “Damndest” written on the top. It builds off a long line of great artwork from The Ready Stance, especially their gig posters.


To get a feel for how the new material sounds, you can take a listen to their preview track, Wrecking Ball, below. It’s guitar led with a late 80s, early 90s alt-rock Americana style with a little distortion and reverb mixed with cleaner sounds. The riffs are slow wheedling for the most part, but they end up being a bit more of a power play from around the three minute mark.

Vocals are mid tone slacker with an easy lay down that winds itself up towards the end of the track just before the solo. They return to their trailer park cool afterwards and end with a slow closing line that makes for a good amount of variation in the mix.

The band is the culmination of a world wise union between guitarist, Wes Pence, the creative force behind 1990s outfit Middlemarch, lead vocalist and guitarist Chase Johnston, along with old Middlemarch bandmate and drummer, Eric Moreton.

The recording and mixing for Damndest was split between the basement of Pence’s 1880s house in Cincinnati and a converted church around the corner that had recently been equipped with a full force music studio. Storytelling combined with melodic ringing guitars are reputed to dominate throughout Damndest‘s 11 tracks pulling together a down to earth rock album.

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