Three new The Dark Tower mini-trailer videos just in

The Dark Tower mini-trailersWith the August release date getting closer, Sony pictures has added three new short videos for The Dark Tower to its YouTube channel, giving us a few more glimpses of what to expect from my film. The three mini trailers focus on key elements of the story with the first centred on The Man in Black, the second The Knight Gunslinger and the last and most interesting on Earth, which you can see below.

The Dark Tower – Earth mini-trailer:

The previous trailer gave us fleating glimpses of the relevance of our planet to the other-worldly story, but the first of the new videos provides a little more to go. It sees the Gunslinger being examined in hospital, but he seems to be okay from what we can tell, although, it looks like he will have to face off against a barrage of bullets during his time here.


He also takes a big fall out of the window of a high-rise building, but again it looks like he’s able to shrug it off with his “stronger than most” super powers. The shot of the large shadow casting over Manhattan was in the main trailer for The Dark Tower, but the fact that it’s in each of the three new videos implies that it’s an integral development, so clearly something significant is coming, which ties in with what The Man in Black says.

The Dark Tower – Knight mini-trailer:

There are also a number of scenes on earth in the second of the videos, which centres on The Knight Gunslinger, played by Idris Elba (Thor: Ragnarok). He’s got some pretty impressive reload skills with a number of moves up his sleeves, but with the large team of assault rifle-wielding professional soldiers you can see in the first half of the video, he’s going to need them.

His gun skills are also going to come in handy against The Man in Black, although you get a sense from all of the videos that it’s going to take more than a bullet to stop him. The action sequence with Idris Elba skidding along the floor and shooting upwards to take out the projectile thrown at him by The Man in Black looks pretty impressive and adds to the sense that he’s got an almost unbeatable enemy.

The Dark Tower – The Man in Black mini-trailer:

The final video features the antagonist of the film, giving the focus to the darkness that threatens to engulf the universe if The Gunslinger isn’t successful at stopping The Man in Black from destroying the Dark Tower. He seems pretty confident with his plans for destruction, starting out by saying that the war is over and that everyone The Knight has ever loved has died by his hand.

You also get a sense of the supernatural magic at the heart of the film with the dark sorcerer powers of The Man in Black featuring in all the videos. Matthew McConaughey looks like a perfect choice for the role and with the addition of some impressive special effects, it’s clearly going to be a stunning film to watch on the big screen. The Dark Tower will be out in the UK on the 18th August 2017 and in the US on the 4th August 2017. Let us know what you think of the latest videos in the comments section below.


By Gerard Harris

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