9-minute extended Logan preview lands ahead of the DVD release date

Logan extended preview20th Century Fox has just added a 9-minute extended clip from Logan ahead of the UK DVD release date in early July. You’d think with such a long segment of the film that it might give away too much for anyone that missed it on the big screen, but instead it’s a perfectly selected preview that sets up the story well without having any real spoilers.

It starts out with Logan driving into a Motel car park as Laura, aka X-23, is playing ball, but when he parks up he’s beset by a women that looks in a state and things start to go claws up from then on. She tries to offer him money to drive them up to a rendezvous location up north, but as ever he’s pretty surely about the whole thing, but when Laura smashes a window and the motel owner comes out to harass them, she takes a fall.

Logan (2017) extended preview clip:

When they go into her room to clear her up, she shows him the money that she can pay him and he reluctantly agrees to do the job. Back at his hideout we get a lengthy section with an aged Professor X and Caliban (played by Stephen Merchant), which acts as a stark reminder of how bad things have gotten for the mutants at this point, being forced into hiding to avoid government detection.

When Logan returns to the motel to do the transit job the next day, he finds the lady dead and the kid nowhere to be seen, so he heads back to his desert hideout. However, he’s followed by mecha-armed security dude Donald Pierce, but he’s floored by a flying iron rod thrown by Laura, who had stowed away in his car. Perhaps the most interesting element of the clip is that Charles seems to know of the girl, saying she’s the one he’s been waiting for and so the wild adventure begins.

For us, the extended preview only adds to the anticipation for the upcoming DVD, which will be out on the 10th July 2017 in the UK. However, it’s worth considering that the DVD doesn’t include any special features, so you might want to opt for either the Blu-ray or the 4K Ultra HD version of the film, which includes audio commentary by director James Mangold, deleted scenes, a making-of featurette and Logan Noir, a stunning black and white version of the film.

By Gerard Harris

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