E3 2017 presentations, UK times and how to watch

E3 2017 presentations and uk timesIt’s that time of year again, E3 is just around the corner and gamers all around the world are eagerly awaiting the major announcements and trailers that make this event so special. The expo itself takes place between the 13th and 15th June at the Los Angeles Convention Center as always but everyone has their eyes on the press conferences beforehand.

The presentations by major publishers are highly anticipated every year, with UK gamers willing to stay up late in hope of that one big reveal. For people unaware of the UK times of each conference and where the best place to watch is, all the details are broken down below.



EA has quite a bit going on at this year’s E3. They will kick off the event with a presentation on Saturday 10th June at 8pm UK time, which can be watched on EA’s Twitch streaming channel. Expect to see more details on titles such as Star Wars Battlefront II and the recently revealed Need for Speed Payback.

After their presentation, EA will be running their EA Play event from the 10th to 12th June, with further details on hot games sure to be revealed.


On Sunday 11th June at 10pm, Microsoft will have their press conference which has garnered much anticipation this year thanks to the expected focus on Project Scorpio. Hopefully, crucial details such as a release date and pricing will be revealed with some gamers still unsure about the Xbox One hardware refresh.

With the Xbox One lacking in major exclusives compared to the PS4, fans will be expecting a big response with a good few games being revealed. This can be seen through YouTube Live’s own E3 stream, as well as their Twitch channel.


The press conference for Bethesda will be a very late one, taking place at 3am on Sunday 11th June, so staying up through that will require some dedication. It can be watched on the YouTube Live E3 stream.


So far there have been no real hints as to what could be presented, although with it being nearly 6 years since the release of Skyrim there’s hope from fans that we could see the announcement of the next Elder Scrolls game.


Ubisoft will hold their presentation on Monday 12th June at 9pm which looks like it could be a big one. It’s almost a certainty that the new Assassin’s Creed entry will be unveiled after a two year hiatus for the series. Details are also expected to be given for Far Cry 5 and the recently revealed sequel to The Crew.

The press conference can be viewed on YouTube Live.


After a strong showing last year, Sony hope to do it again with their 2017 press conference on Tuesday 13th June at 2am. As well as YouTube Live, it will be available to watch on Sony’s Twitch channel.

There is potential for many big name titles to appear at this presentation, with the list including The Last of Us Part II, Red Dead Redemption 2 (due to Rockstar and Sony’s exclusivity agreement) and God of War. If you’re a Sony fan, prepare for something special.


Once again, Nintendo will not be holding an E3 press conference, instead opting for a Nintendo Spotlight presentation on Monday 13th June at 5pm. It will also be livestreaming games through the Nintendo Treehouse.

Fans can expect to see a demonstration of Super Mario Odyssey. However, as for new game reveals there’s still the long-stretched dreams of a new Metroid and a full home console Pokemon to go along with the recently announced Pokkén Tournament DX. We’ll soon see whether any of those dreams will finally come true.

No matter which press conferences you pick and choose to watch, this year’s E3 could very well be a special one. There will be a lot to take in, but rest assured that it will all be covered here on Tuppence.

By Ben Harris

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