Adam Buxton’s Big Mix Tape on BBC 6 Music

Adam Buxton's Big Mix TapeIf you’ve been missing out on an Adam and Joe Show fix recently then you can get a methadone-esque hit with at least 50% potency from Adam Buxton’s Big Mix Tape on BBC Radio 6 Music. Obviously it only features Adam, as Joe Cornish is busy doing something else – unless of course the word on the street of a trial separation is true. However, it’s just as much genius as the Adam & Joe Show.

On BBC 6 music every Sunday, from 18th April 2010, the show is a big mix of music treats, random Buxton chat and special special guests. The first volume was all about warming us all up in preparation for the summer, so some lesser known Beach Boys got at least one play. The show’s guest was Garth Jennings, the dude what directed The Son of Rambo, and he did a pretty good job of comedy duo buddy with Buxton. It’s only got 4 days left on iPlayer, so if you want to hear it, you’d better move fast.

Next Sunday’s volume has got comedy shock documentary extraordinator Louis Theroux in the hot seat with a show entitled Jimmy Getaway, all about road trip music. Arcade Fire’s Keep the car moving has got to be a sure bet for a playin’. Although, apparently Kraftwerk, Bob Dylan and Brian Eno will definitely feature on their Big Mix Tape.

Adam Buxton’s Big Mix Tape makes me like the little dude even more than before. I saw him doing a DJ slot at a bar in King’s Cross a few months ago and he was like some kind of little Yoda DJ figure. Plus, he didn’t run at me with a stick when I shouted “Stephen” at him, so that’s good too. If there was any worry about him making it on his own, they have been well and truly disintegrated in a ball of comedy genius. Hopefully his aceness will shine through the crap about shutting down BBC Radio 6, and the powers that be will remember why the station was so important in the first place. Up the Black Squadron!!!

Adam Buxton’s Big Mixtape, BBC 6 Music review: 4.7/5