Worzel Gummidge remake cast, episodes, BBC 1 air date and theme tune

Worzel Gummidge remake starring Mackenzie Crook - cast, episodes, BBC 1 air date and theme tune

In an incredible piece of casting genius, BBC 1 has confirmed that Mackenzie Crook will be taking on the title character for its upcoming Worzel Gummidge remake. Details are still a little thin on the ground with the news only recently announced, but here’s everything that we know so far, including the latest details on the episodes, remake cast, and some thoughts on a potential air date and theme tune.

The character was a huge hit in the late 70s and on into the 1980s with the ITV show starring Jon Pertwee bringing the 1936 Barbara Euphan Todd storybook to life on the small screen. Is hasn’t been seen on television since Worzel Gummidge Down Under way back in 1987, so it’s good to see that it’s getting a reprise with the remake, hopefully sometime later this year.


Air date

While an official air date hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, the Worzel Gummidge remake has got Christmas and New Year television written all over it. Though the cast hasn’t been officially confirmed as of yet the picture above of Mackenzie Crook as the iconic central character seems to indicate that filming is well underway.

Assuming that’s the case, it seems likely that the first of the two 1-hour films will be on around Christmas Day and the second could well air on either New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. We’ll keep you updated with more information on the air date as it becomes available. With the story details for the two hour-long film episodes already announced, its possible that the it could arrive much earlier than expected, so we’ll include the latest information as it’s announced.


As things stand the cast list for the Worzel Gummidge remake is a short one of one. BBC one has only confirmed Mackenzie Crook in the title role, but it has said that further casting will be announced shortly. The biggest character yet to be confirmed is Aunt Sally, so it’s going to be interesting to see who is chosen for the new adaptation. The character was played by Una Stubbs in the 1979 ITV television series, so whoever it is, they’ll have big shoes to fill.

Other big characters awaiting cast details include Susan and John, the scarecrow-making Green Man, Lady Bloomsbury Barton and Soggy Bogart.

Worzel Gummidge remake theme tune

The old TV show had a light and funny theme tune, which you can listen to again in the video below to refresh your memory. However, the BBC One remake has been announced for an audience of all ages and it has also been described as a modern adaptation, so we’re expecting a slightly different piece. This is not going to be just another kids show and this is bound to be reflected in the theme tune as much as it is in the story, character development and production values.



The Scarecrow Of Scatterbrook

Two strangers, Sarah and John, arrive in Scatterbrook, where they meet Worzel, who they discover is a walking and talking Scarecrow. This strange meeting of worlds creates a ripple effect on the rest of reality as the seasons come to a halt, so it’s up to the three of them to try to put things right again.

The Green Man

The next stranger to come to Scatterbrook is the Green Man, the maker of scarecrows and he’s not best pleased with Worzel Gummidge for talking to humans. If that isn’t enough to keep WG on tenterhooks, he’s also up for the best scarecrow competition at Lady Bloomsbury Barton’s fete where he’ll face off against Soggy Bogart, his toughest opposition.


Mackenzie Crook also writes and directs the two Worzel Gummidge films working with Leopard Pictures, which is a part of the Argonon Group. The partnership also includes Treasure Trove Productions and Lola Entertainment. You can join the conversation about the production on Twitter at #worzelgummidge.