BBC Radio 6 Music could be on the verge of being axed to save money

BBC Radio 6 Music could be on the verge of being canned to save money.

It’s the worst news that I’ve heard in a long time, and yet more evidence that a world in which decisions are made based solely on money will eventually be stripped of all of its riches.


BBC Radio 6 Music is probably the best music radio station on air in the UK right now, but apparently only 20% of the population are aware of it. That hasn’t stopped its listeners from increasing by 12% over the last year to nearly 700,000, but despite this there are still rumours that the digital station is to be taken off the airwaves to save money at the BBC.

Listeners have responded quickly by setting up a Save BBC 6 Music Facebook group, which has over 54,000 members already and going strong. If you haven’t become a member yet, then get amongst it.

With almost complete freedom to play great music from the 60s to the present day, BBC 6 Music’s presenters, including Jarvis Cocker, Guy Garvey and Marc Riley, have crafted a radio station that is the last to retain genuine credibility.

With news that the digital radio switchover is planned for 2015, now is definitely the time to get into listening to BBC 6 Music more. Not only will it help to safeguard an ace music station, but if it can hold on until 2015 it could become something huge.

Either way, it might be do or die time for BBC 6 Music, so we’ll be listening to it even more now while we still can.