Behind the scenes on James Bond’s SPECTRE

Daniel Craig SpectreThe excitement is hotting up in the build up to the release of the 24th entry in the James Bond movie machine, SPECTRE, and the latest release of behind the scenes action from the creators of the film only adds to the anticipation. With snap shots of snow machines in the Austrian alps, baddies in all-black jump suits (sadly no lemon piping), beautifully dramatic mountain scenes in the background and a short, ultra-cool glimpse of Daniel Craig dishing out the 007 school of justice it’s already looking like it could be a classic in the making.

It’s been a while since James Bond last took to the snow capped alps in The Spy Who Loved Me, and while there’s clearly some level of homage in what they’re doing with SPECTRE, it’s also looking like it’s going to be a whole lot more intense, as has been the case for the previous Daniel Craig Bond movies. There’s no Union Jack flag or unnecessary jump suit embellishment here and you can see from the few seconds of Bond action that’s show at the end of the video below that James is taking the situation pretty seriously.


If we’re brutally honest, we weren’t big fans of Skyfall, which felt too much like a strange James Bond meets Home Alone parody at time, but Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace, were epic and we’re hoping the movie franchise will regain some of its magic based on what we’ve seen in the short video below. Sadly, there’s no sign of Christoph Waltz in the sneak peek behind the scenes of the Austrian shoot, but we do get to hear from new Bond girl Léa Seydoux (The Grand Budapest Hotel), as well as co-star Dave Bautista (Guardians Of The Galaxy), associate producer Gregg Wilson, production designer Dennis Gassner and Austrian production manager Martin Joy.

Seydoux, who will be playing Madeleine Swann in the upcoming Sam Mendes movie, introduces things for the filming in Solden, Austria before Bautista confides that it’s his first time on a mountain, which is class. Gregg Wilson discusses the dramatic setting that’s been chosen as one of the big impact backdrops for SPECTRE, Gassner talks about the crew’s hunt to find the perfect location, Joy gives us a taste for the difficulties they’ve had in filming in the harsh conditions of the mountain and Gassner returns to remind us about the pressure on the film to top its last outing in Skyfall.

However, the most exciting element has got to be the tiny glimpse of Daniel Craig back in character as James Bond right at the end. You don’t really see too much, but you do get to see him wearing some funky black snow glasses, taking out a henchman and firing a small pistol at a fleeing convoy of glossy black 4x4s. You also get to see a tiny snippet of Mendez doing his directing thing.

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