Whales, dolphins and great waves crash in Blue Planet II trailer 2

Blue Planet II trailer 2Trailer 2 is out for the upcoming nature documentary Blue Planet II and it’s looking amazing with basking sharks, whales feeding, a family of dolphins and great waves dominating the action. It’s essentially nearly three minutes of beautiful camera work and awe inspiring music from composer Hans Zimmer, so the series should be one of the year’s must-see television events.

It’s been sixteen years since the original Blue Planet splashed down onto BBC 1 and with the new science and technology that is mentioned at the beginning of the second trailer, it looks like its set to showcase the new generation of aquatic filming capabilities. As ever, there are more than a few mind-blowing shots, whether its the time-lapse starfish pool dive or the incredible waves that you can see crashing throughout.


Blue Planet II trailer 2:

The series will be arriving on BBC 1 on October 29th, 2017, before going on to air on BBC America early in 2018. With the popularity of the first series, along with all of the other Richard Attenborough-narrated wildlife documentaries, it’s going to be another much-cherished view into the world’s ocean life.

However, with the fragility of the ecosystems and habitat that sustain that life, it’s also set to be a poignant reminder of the impact we have on them. The slow panning shot up to an isolated iceberg with the line “the most crucial time in our ocean’s history” is bound to be just the tip of the point about the importance of protecting ocean animals and plants.

The scene overlooking the abundance of sea turtles on the beach is nothing short of epic, but there will be a stark warning for them, despite their apparent numbers. Just as there is for the whales, coral reefs and complex food chains that can be seen in the new video.

The second trailer for Blue Planet II has a fair few sections featuring the variety of dolphins that cover the world’s oceans. According to The Dolphin Project, there are a total of 40 species of oceanic dolphins and four river dolphins. This includes the killer whales, bottlenose dolphins and false killer whales that you can see in the trailer above.

There are two cool shots of whales in the trailer too, but both of them are humpback whales, so we’ll have to wait for the episodes to air to see which other species are featured. It’ll also give us an opportunity to find out more about all of the more exotic sea life that you can see. The colourful rock-crawler half way through is going to be an interesting story, along with all of the deep sea creatures and the saluting octopus. Let us know in the comments below if you can identify any of the rarer species.


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