Far Cry 5 Wingsuit controls PS4 and Xbox ONE

Far Cry 5 wingsuitWe’re big fans of the flight element of the latest game in the series, but there are some challenges to the Far Cry 5 wingsuit controls on PS4 and Xbox ONE. For a starters, it doesn’t show you the controls on the screen when you take to the air, unlike every other aerial mode of transportation in the game. As a result, it’s easy to feel a little unsure of how to cruise around the skies of Hope County.

If that isn’t enough, depending on the age of your controller, the activation of the wingsuit can be a little hit and miss. If you’re one of the unlucky few, then you’ll find yourself jumping off a cliff, hitting the left analogue stick and still plummeting to the ground.


The safest way to test this is to unlock the Airdrop perk, which will allow you to take to the skies in any location, so you’ll have a lot more room to play with. This makes it great for practicing with the wingsuit in general, but it’ll also allow anyone with a glitchy left analogue to get a feel for how much of a press you need to give it to make it work.

Wingsuit flight controls

Once you’re up in the air, you can control the wingsuit using the left analogue stick, which you can see us doing in the video above. However, it’s set to inverted pitch as standard, which can throw you. What this means is that when you push up on the analogue stick you will actually aim downwards and when you pull down you aim up in terms of your direction of travel. Left and right is exactly as it should be, but pitch is tricky to get used in its inverted state.

The good news, though, is that you can change the settings for this from the options menu. From options, select controls and then just to make it even more difficult, the winguit control settings are in the Ground section, which is the second tab along. Right at the bottom, you’ll see Invert Wingsuit Pitch, which is set to On as standard, and if you change it to Off, it’ll mean you go up when you push up and down when you pull down on the analogue stick while flying.

If you’re still having difficulty, you can see where to find the settings at the end of the video below, which also demonstrates how to complete the Clutch Nixon stunt mission, The Lord of the Skies. It’s a long wingsuit run with some tricky corners and lots of obstacles, so if you can make it through this then you’ll be a wingsuit expert in no time.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the right analogue stick can be used to look around below you as you fly. It doesn’t do anything to control your direction in any way, but it can come in handy if you want to search the ground below for a target landing spot or enemy locations.


The wingsuit parachute link

Once you’ve gotten the hang of the flight mechanism for the wingsuit, it’s time to think about landing and this is where the parachute comes in. Essentially, you’ll need to activate the parachute to land from a flight with the wingsuit – there’s no way to land safely without it, so it’s a good get used to it as a linked mechanism, unless you like the idea of smashing into the ground repeatedly.

You can cycle between wingsuit and parachute as much as you want while you’re in the air, so you can do a little flying and then pull the parachute, and go back into wingsuit mode on a loop if you want. However, when you get close to the ground it’s a good idea to pull the parachute and use it to land safely and as close to your target spot as possible, which will help to save you time and effort.

Use the wingsuit to fast travel

Obviously, you can use the wingsuit any time you want, but in Far Cry 5 when it will come in particularly handy when heading to new unopened locations on the map. Simply find the nearest opened location, fast travel airdrop in and then use the wingsuit to fly to the new location in very little time.

The same process can also be used to get to wilderness locations that you’re aiming for if you’re planning to do a little hunting, like we do for the grizzly bear location in the video below. In both cases, it’s a good idea to set a marker on where you’re aiming for, which will make it easier to navigate to when you’re flying in the wingsuit.

Let us know how you’re getting on with the Far Cry 5 wingsuit controls on the PS4 and Xbox ONE in the comments for the video above and you can share online with the buttons below. If you’re struggling with the analogue stick activation, we want to hear from you. You can see more videos for the 5th game in the series at www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMmhstpr6cwPL5P-4YdEj8kbbjwlbCZh7 and keep up to date with the latest from Ubisoft’s Far Cry with the official Twitter page at https://twitter.com/FarCrygame.