Fortnite where to find the Baller locations

Fortnite the Baller locations where to find the BallerIf you’re looking to find a few Fortnite Baller locations then you’ve come to the right place. The latest vehicle has lit up Season 8 with even more action and with an epic suction cup grappling hook and boost function, it’s one of the coolest yet.

It adds to a long list of great vehicle introductions with everything from the shopping trolley and gold kart of old to the hover board that was also recently added to the game. If you don’t know what you’re looking for with The Baller, you can check out the pic above, but essentially it’s a Jurassic World-like sphere that you can ride in to get around the Fortnite map.


However, looking out for round objects won’t really help you all that much, because they’re not out in the open lying around for you to pick up. Instead, they’re located in little red buildings with a roll down door. They’re a bit like mini mountain rescue shelters, but don’t worry about not knowing what they look like, you can see them in the video below.

Fortnite Baller locations video:

Location #1

Fortnite Salty Shafts the Baller locationThe very first Baller that is featured in the video is just to the west of Salty Shafts, which you can see in the map close-up pic above. Climb up and around the ridges and you’ll find it pretty easily. Each of the three locations have the same map detail, so you should be able to spot them in the Snow King’s region of the map. They’re not quite so easy to spot on the rest of the map, but with snow as the background, you can pick them out fairly easily.

Location #2

Fortnite the Baller location 2Head south-west from the first location and use the Baller’s suction cup grappling gun and boost function to get to the top of the ice wall in the way. At the top, close to a zip line, you’ll find the second spot in the same kind of building as the first. If you’re struggling to pinpoint it, you can check in the video above.

Location #3

Fortnite the Baller location 3The final location covered in the video is to the north-west of the 2nd spot above. It’s at the bottom of a slope leading towards the sea on the west coast of the Fortnite map. You’ll need to make it through a few snowy trees to get to it, but if you keep heading in the right direction after circling around them then you’ll be fine.

As more locations are found for the Baller, we’ll be updating things here to give you even more options to take the genius vehicle for a spin.