The Division 2 how to leave a group – PC, Xbox ONE and PS4

The Division 2 how to leave a group and exit co-opIf you’re wondering how to leave a group in The Division 2, it’s pretty well hidden, but as ever, we’ve got you covered. With the intensely brutal gameplay and progression mechanism, it’s a good idea to run in groups, especially if you want to level up fast, but once you’re done with a mission or you just want to go it alone again in Washington, it’s not particularly easy to see how to quit co-op.

To add to that, there’s added complexity if you’re playing The Division 2 on PC. It’s a little bit easier on Xbox ONE and PS4, but on PC you’d need to be an accidental button masher with incredible luck to stand a chance of stumbling on the right steps to follow. In fact, it’s only because of a comment on the video below that we got the tip-off about what to do.


How to leave a group on Xbox ONE and PS4

1. Start by hitting the main menu, which you do by pressing the Menu button on either the Xbox ONE or PS4 controllers

2. On the next screen you want to navigate to open the Social section, which you can find on the top left of the boxed menu options

3. Here you will see each of the members of the group you want to leave on the left with your own gamer tag at the top of the list. Select your own gamer tag (press X on PS4 and A on the Xbox ONE) and this will bring up a new menu on the right hand side

4. Navigate down to Leave Group and select it to exit co-op and go back to solo The Division 2 action

How to leave a group on PC

If you’re playing with an Xbox controller or similar then you can follow the instructions above pretty much as they are. However, for everyone else there’s one big difference you need to do to be able to leave a group on PC. Most of the steps are the same, so enter the menu (Esc) and then navigate to Social. The big difference is that you need to press Space Bar to get the option to leave.


It’ll take a few second for things to reload, but once you’re out, you should be back in Washington running solo. You can then access Matchmaking from the Map screen or by heading to the counter in any of your Safe Houses to get back to another group, or send out a request for backup to get others to join you as the leader.

You can see more tips for The Division 2 at and you can follow the latest on the game with the official Twitter page at Perhaps one of the toughest missions in the game is the Jefferson Plaza mission. It’s fairly easy to take down all of the enemies, especially if you’re running in a group, but working out how to sabotage the train is a bit tricky, so you might want to check out that link to see where to find it.