Kingdom Hearts III The Caribbean and San Fransokyo exit and how to leave

Kingdom Hearts 3 San Fransokyo and The Caribbean exit and how to leaveKingdom Hearts III is a lot of fun with epic boss fights and sweeping Disney world adventures, but it can throw you for a loop every now and again, which is exactly what it does with The Caribbean and San Fransokyo exit. Depending on which world you take on last, you’ll find yourself left inside, seemingly trapped, with the challenge of how to leave and carry on the KH3 story.

The good news is that it’s actually incredibly easy to get out of any of the worlds and both The Caribbean and San Fransokyo are no exception. The bad news is that you will have undoubtedly spent at least an hour trapped in the world searching for an actual exit location to no avail or even contemplated giving up entirely or that your game is glitched, but you don’t need to worry.


You’ll probably kick yourself a little when you read how to leave below, but honestly, you really shouldn’t. As you can see in the comments for the explainer video below, it’s something that a lot of Kingdom Hearts 3 gamers have had a similar problem with. It’s also kind of hinted in the game that you should continue to explore, so you assume this is how you find the exit. Iff that isn’t enough to make you feel better, there’s also the fact that the only other world in KH3 that leaves you inside after you complete it is Twilight Town, which does have a walk out exit.

How to get out of The Caribbean and San Fransokyo

Ideally, you shouldn’t go anywhere after you complete the world, because unlike Twilight Town neither San Fransokyo or The Caribbean have a physical exit. Instead, what you need to do is walk up to the save point right after the last cutscene, press the activity button to interact with the save point and then what you’re looking for is the option further down the list called World Map.

When you select this, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to exit to the world map. Click yes and you’ll be out of there, which triggers the next stage in the Kingdom Hearts III story, which sees you heading to the Dark World in search of Aqua.

It’s worth bearing in mind that you will get more opportunities to return to other worlds to upgrade your Keyblades or unlock more things before getting into the final stages of the game, so you don’t need to worry too much about it at this point. Just quit San Fransokyo or The Caribbean to take on the next few challenges and then you’ll get an opportunity to hunt down more Damascus and Adamantite before you have to take on the final series of boss fights.

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