Grayson Perry, The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! opens at the Serpentine Gallery next week

Grayson Perry, Matching Pair, The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! at the Serentine Gallery!A new exhibition from renowned textile artist Grayson Perry is scheduled to open at the Serpentine Gallery in a weeks time bringing more of his unique pottery to the art world. Entitled Grayson Perry: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!, it’s set to be another playful, fascinating and absorbing commentary on contemporary society and modern day culture.

The title itself gives enough of a clue about the way that Grayson views his work, indicating both a sense of importance and a self deprecating folly that plays with the idea of modern art and the role of the media. It’s also a pun on the emphasis the exhibition puts on public perceptions of popular art.


Since winning the Turner Prize in 2003, Perry’s work has gone on to be appreciated by millions with critically acclaimed exhibitions like The Tomb Of The Unknown Craftsman, and various Channel 4 documentaries, including Grayson Perry: Who Are You. The Most Popular Exhibition Ever! will be yet another Channel 4 crossover with the documentary, Grayson Perry: Divided Britain, available to watch on All 4 already. It focuses on two new vases by the artist which will be on show at the exhibition. Entitled ‘Matching Pair’ they have been inspired by the politics at the heart of Brexit with one pot for the Remainers and the other for the Leave camp.

Exhibition dates, opening times and admission

The Most Popular Exhibition Ever! will open on the 8th June 2017, giving you three months to see it at the Serpentine Gallery in London’s Hyde Park before it comes to a close on the 10th September. The Gallery is open from 10am until 6pm Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays) with free admission.

About The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!

The showcase pieces of the exhibition will be the split alternates that are the vases, ‘Matching Pair’. In addition to the commentary on Brexit, the divided duo have also been inspired by contributions from the general public following a call from Grayson Perry on social media for ideas, images, people, brands and phrases that represent the things people love about Britain.

You can see the vases in the image above and while they depict Britain from a polarised standpoint, there are a number of similarities that bridge the divide. Both feature commonalities in quintessential Britishness ranging from bacon and eggs and the joys of the local pub, to the importance of family, David Bowie and Marmite.

In addition to the signature pieces, the exhibition will also feature 24 other new works from Grayson Perry, covering themes of gender, religion, sex, class and British culture. These will build on the rich catalogue of art that we’ve seen previously from the artist with traditional media like bronze, cast iron, print, tapestry and ceramics.


Commenting on The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! Grayson Perry said, “The new works I am making all have ideas about popularity hovering around them. What kind of art do people like? What subjects? Why do people like going to art galleries these days? What is the relationship of traditional art to social media?”

By Gerard Harris

Image courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro, London (photograph Robert Glowacki) – Grayson Perry, Matching Pair, 2017 – © Grayson Perry

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