Revolution exhibition makes a peaceful protest at the V&A Museum

Revolution exhibition at the V&A MuseumIt’s easy to look back at the spirit of the late 1960s and get caught up in the nostalgia of it all, which is exactly what the You Say You Want a Revolution? Records & Rebels 1966-70 exhibition will do when it arrives at the V&A Museum later in 2016. The truth of the situation is way more gray-scale in nature than most people realise, but with so much political, social and artistic change taking place in the decade there’s also a lot to revel in.

About the exhibition

The exhibition is set to focus on the youth culture of the late ’60s in terms of the impact it had on the world by challenging the power structures of society and pushing for significant improvement in equality, human rights, war and nuclear disarmament. The counter culture revolution, as it has come to be known, shook the very foundations of civilisation and while it’s a cresting wave that did eventually subside, it brought about a lot of change before it was done.

The story of the latter half of the decade will be narrated throughout the So You Want A Revolution? exhibition through a musical odyssey, which will feature epoch defining songs from the great bands and artists of the 60’s, including The Who, Sam Cooke and Jimi Hendrix. The peace-loving trip will showcase key objects from the period with links to some of the most important music, fashion, film, design and politics develops that occurred between 1966 and 1970.

In addition to the musical display and collection of 60s memorabilia the exhibition will also be brought to life through a series of 3D designs that will set out the cultural tremors that reverberated around the world and the significant changes to legal structures that were inspired by many of the movements that took place. It will also catalogue some of the venues that acted as hotbeds for the revolutionary spirit along with the counterculture activity that initiated some of the big changes.

Revolution opening times, dates and ticket information

The exhibition will run from the 10th September 2016 to the 26th February 2017, making it the big winter show at the the Victoria and Albert Museum. Ticket prices are £16 (excluding donation) with concession prices available (£15 for senior citizens and £12 for 12 – 17 year-olds, students, disabled and ES40 – exc. donation) and free entry for members and children 11 and under. You’ll need to select a time to see the exhibition, which are every fifteen minutes, with the first at 10am and the last at 4:30pm Sunday to Thursday and 8:15pm on Friday and Saturday.

First impressions

The upcoming exhibition at the exceptions V&A Museum looks like it’s going to be a helter-skelter of 60s wonder; a bit like if Jamie And His Magic Torch took over and hosted a psychedelic protest party with The Kinks and Twiggie. Expect a lot of colour, a variety of styles and a very interesting history of what made the youth movement become so influential on society then and now.

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