Hawkeye villain? Who is Kate Bishop’s stepdad, Jack Duquesne?

Hawkeye villain - who is Kate Bishop's stepdad, Jack Duquesne?

Hawkeye Season 1 got pretty heated right from the very beginning, so you might be wondering who is Kate Bishop’s stepdad, Jack Duquesne, who appeared to be the villain of the series. By episode 2 we’d already seen him dueling with Kate, and it appears as though he might be a better swordsman than her, although he was trying to hide his skills.

He was also involved in an underground auction selling stolen goods, where he seemed to have a hate-hate relationship with his uncle, Armand Duquesne III. He also “half-inched” Ronan’s retractable sword to add to his list of suspicious activity, but then Kate took the accompanying suit, so maybe it’s one each on that score.

Finally, there’s the death of his uncle, who was stabbed in his living room and it seemed like Ronan’s sword might have been the implement of impalement. The fact that there’s a significant inheritance involved appeared to implicate Jack as the main motive, but he honestly looks like he’d gut his dear old nanny for a well timed tempo patinando (fancy fencing sword move).

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Who is Kate Bishop’s stepdad?

You will have already worked out that his name is Jack Duquesne, but you may not know what that actually means from a comic book point of view. The character’s other name is Swordsman and he’s played both sides of the villain line over the years, being portrayed as an bad guy to begin with, but also going on to be both a goodie and a supervillain in the comics.

His name back then was Jacques Duquesne, but his name has been anglicized a little for the Hawkeye TV series to make him Jack, which also helps to hide his potential villainous intent just a little. He’s played by Tony Dalton in Season 1 and with the addition of the mustache he looks like he should definitely fall on the less heroic side of the Marvel spectrum.

While the Swordman has never really had any superpowers as such, the name should tell you everything you need to know about what he can do with a blade. The duel with Kate Bishop in Episode 2 was just a small glimpse of his skills with a sword as he easily parried her attack, disarming her instantly, despite the fact that she’s a champion fencer herself.

In addition to his skills with a sabre, he’s also renowned for his intelligence, so it was easy to expect him to have, in the words of Baldric, a cunning plan. Kate was on a suspicion level akin to Defcon 1 from the get go, but as it turns out there’s less to his subterfuge in season 1 than meets the eye, which took Bishop and Hawkeye back even more as it had massive implications in terms of the true villain.

We found out in Episode 1 that Jack is engaged to get married to Kate’s mum Eleanor, who runs a successful security firm in New York City, so she’s pretty minted. That makes him Kate’s stepdad, but no amount of book reading is going to make him look like the loving father he should be.

While we were initially expecting him to be the ultimate villain for Season 1, with Hawkeye and Bishop having to take him down to China town before it’s all said and done (and we don’t mean for a delightful kung-pao chicken) there were a lot of twists and turns along the way. The waters were already muddy with the addition of the lady at the end of Episode 2, and her tame (albeit, dim-witted) Tracksuit Mafia, and things continued to spiral from there on.

If anything, things are going to get even murkier before the end of the opening series for the show, because Florence Pugh also got in on the action with an appearance as Black Widow assassin, Yelena. If you haven’t seen all of Season 1 then you might not want to read on as we discuss the ending and how Jack Duquesne fits into it all.

As it turns out, he wasn’t the ultimate villain for Hawkeye. Instead, that honor goes to Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin, who worked with Kate’s mum who owed him money due to her husbands prior debts to the crime lord. It was Eleanor that killed Jack’s uncle Armand on orders from Fisk, and she also hired Yelena to kill Hawkeye, but hey, the crazy things we do for love.

In the comics, the Swordsman wielded a few special blades. One of them was made from Vibranium and another using advanced technology that allowed him to fire out different types of energy blasts. We’ve already seen that Jack has a decent collection of swords, but none quite as cool as these. He did go on to help Kate by taking out a few of the Tracksuit Mafia goons and we’re expecting him to be a big part of Season 2.

We’d already heard in the trailers that they’ll be facing an “Avengers-level threat” and while his fencing skills were a little impressive, they’re far from being all that troubling to the likes of the Hulk or Thor, let along Hawkeye. That was probably the first tell that he might not actually be the villain of the piece, although, in all fairness, we’re not convinced that the Kingpin was an Avengers-level threat either. Maybe with the addition of the Black Widow connection it got close, but either way it was a lot of fun seeing it all come together.

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Who is Hawkeye villain Wilson Fisk, AKA The Kingpin?

If you haven’t seen any of the Netflix Daredevil series then you might not be up-to-date on the Hawkeye villain, Wilson Fisk. He’s known as The Kingpin and he’s the crime lord for New York City. The character has featured in the comic books, as well as TV cartoons facing off against the likes of Spider-Man. He was also the first boss you fight in Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4.

He’s played by Vincent D’Onofrio who reprises the role from Daredevil, which aired between 2015 and 2018 on Netflix.

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