How to do a Far Cry 5 helicopter takedown

Far Cry 5 helicopter takedownThere are a number of methods you can use to do a Far Cry 5 helicopter takedown, so don’t get too phased by the sound of blades chopping up the sky. You may automatically assume that man vs. helicopter can only result in an Apocalypse Now-style decimation, but as you can see in the latest video for the game you can take them out with just a pistol.

However, if you want to go down the shock and awe road to destruction then you’re probably better off going for one of them. The trick is being able to get off your shots before it can target you too much, as they deal a lot of damage from above, so you can easily find yourself getting cut down by one of Joseph Seed’s angels of the airways.

6 ways to do a Far Cry 5 helicopter takedown:

  1. The first method to takedown a helicopter in Far Cry 5 is to use the speed and firepower of a mounted turret gun on one of the game’s numerous all-terrain vehicles. Take aim as far away from the chopper as possible and let it rip as soon as you’ve got a good sighting of it. Keep tracking it as you fire to get in more direct hits to bring it down as quickly as possible.
  2. Once you’ve managed to get a rocket launcher, you’ll be able to use them to blast helicopters out of the skies. However, they’re a little on the cumbersome side, so you’ll need either take them by surprise from cover or get off your shot on the move, which requires a little more skill.
  3. Gun-for-hire and series regular, Hurk, is another option when it comes to facing off against a helicopter. He’s got his own rocket launcher with heat-seeking missiles, so he can pick them off with ease. Although, as you can see from the video, he’s not so good at dodging return fire, so you might want to get him better cover.
  4. You’ll also get to pilot your own flying gunners, so you’ll be able to shoot down hewies from the skies in one of the numerous planes in Far Cry 5. You’re better off approaching them from the side to avoid direct return fire and to give you the element of surprise.
  5. As you can see in the video above from the PlayStation YouTube channel, you can also pull of a helicopter takedown using just a pistol and a little skill. It leaves you pretty open and you’ll need to get close to be able to get in the right shot, so it’s probably the riskiest option. However, if you’ve got no other option or if you’re just feeling brave then it could be worth a try.
  6. The video doesn’t include it as a separate point (probably to keep it as a top 5 instead of a top 6), but you’ll also be able to take down a helicopter with a sniper rifle. Shoot out the pilot and the chopper will fall with him.

Far Cry 5 helicopter takedown tips:

Just as in the previous games in the series, taking down a helicopter in Far Cry 5 relies a lot on having some form of protection while you’re getting off your shots. Try to get a little cover, either under trees to reduce visibility or behind something more stable like a building or solid fence.

You’ll need to think about the angles though. If the helicopter is flying high, then it will find it difficult to see you in trees. If it’s flying lower then it might be better to opt for a structure of some sort to act as a shield for its rapid fire weapons.

Helicopter missions

There are a fair few missions in Far Cry 5 that require you to perform a helicopter takedown, so hopefully the tips above help you out. However, you can also follow along with the walkthrough video below. Progression in the game is pretty much up to you, so you’ll take missions on as you choose the missions, but the first that we encountered was the False Prophet mission.

It entails destroying the Joseph Seed statue in Faith’s territory and it’s a good idea to use a helicopter to fly over to it and shoot it to pieces. When you then climb up to burn Faith’s copy of Joseph’s book of wisdom, you’ll be fired upon by a couple of helicopters. You can use the cover to avoid being hit too badly and the light machine gun is easily picked up to take them down the quickest.

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