Jackass Forever UK DVD, Blu-ray and digital release date latest

Jackass Forever UK DVD, Blu-ray and digital release date latest

If you’re looking to add some eye watering stunts to your DVD or Blu-ray collection then you might want to add the Jackass Forever home entertainment UK release date to your Steve-O centrefold calendar. The film is about to hit the cinemas with bear attacks and shooting Johnny Knoxville out of a cannon, so it might just be the most extreme video in the series with a host of special guests in the mix.

It’s the fifth overall film in the franchise, but that makes it the fourth main series with Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa going it’s own way with Knoxville dressing up as a delinquent pappy. It was the last outing for him, which was nine years ago, and in the latest flick a lot of the old team is back following the woes of lockdown to get them all out of the house more than anything.

The added peril comes as they’re all nearing their own grandpa stage of life, so it’s going to be interesting to see whether or not any of them pop a hip or lose any false teeth in the process. Guest stars include Tony Hawk, Francis Ngannou, Shaquil O’Neal and Machine Gun Kelly, to name but a few, so there’s going to be a lot of carnage by the time the credits roll.

UK DVD, Blu-ray and digital release date

With the film due out in cinemas on the 4th February 2022, the big screen will be your first chance to see Jackass Forever, but if you’re looking to ahead to the home entertainment release date then you’ll be able to own it on digital next. This should arrive around mid-May 2022, but there’s bound to be Home Premier early access rental ahead of that maybe around the end of March/early April.

The DVD and Blu-ray digital release will follow the digital version by a week or so, which puts it closer to the end of May if our projections are correct. That should give it a lot of spins over the summer, but just make sure you don’t try any of the stunts for yourself at home, because they all look nuts.

Its big competition on the big screen is sci-fi disaster film Moonfall and Ethan Hawk horror flick The Black Phone, which means that they should go on to be available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital within a week or two of Jackass Forever. As such, they’ll also be its main rivals for the home entertainment crown when it comes out, with a fair amount of crossover in terms of audience.

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North America release date

The North America release should be similar to the UK, so that would be early to mid March to buy the digital and then a week or so later for the DVD and Blu-ray. It comes following recent changes that have condensed the time it takes for films to come out in Britain, which has created closer releases to the US.

Jackass Forever DVD, Blu-ray and digital details

Age rating: 18 (UK) R (US)

Runtime: 1 hours, 36 minutes

Director: Jeff Tremaine

Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee Man, Danger Ehran, Preston Lacey, Chris Pontius, Dave England

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First impressions

It’s definitely fair to say that the Jackass team has already thrown the kitchen sink into the whole extreme stunt business, but looking at the trailer for Forever it looks like they’ve managed to find some new highs to fall from. It’s also been for ages since the band was all together, so if nothing else it’s going to be a nostalgic kick of hedonistic abandon viz-a-viz excruciating pain and peril.

JK may be rocking the Uncle Sam at the moment, but it’s good to have him and the rest of gang back for another epic reel of their own brand of circus. If you even vaguely appreciated the old MTV show or the films that followed then this is a release that you might want to catch.

We’re pretty sure no one actually gets eaten alive by a bear and the whole cannon business probably had a lot of health and safety checks before anyone was allowed near it, let alone climb inside. However, things probably get a little sketchy if Steve-O is left in charge of anything, so who knows for sure. Maybe they paid the bear off to keep quiet and the cannon might even be an augmentation reality deal, so…….