Kena Bridge of Spirits how to beat the shadow ghost spirit enemies in Toshi’s Fear

Kena Bridge of Spirits how to beat the shadow ghost spirit enemies in Toshi's Fear

Not too long after you step foot through the portal towards Toshi’s Fear towards the end of Kena: Bridge of Spirits you’ll come across these shadow ghost spirit enemies in a Cursed Chest. Attack them as much as you want and you won’t even be able to get in a hit, so here’s everything you need to know about how to beat them to kill them off once and for all.

For anyone that thinks that they can just sidestep the enemies and ignore the Cursed Chest, the bad news is that you’ll actually need to fight three of the masked shadows at once later on in Toshi’s Fear. The good news is that there is a way to defeat them and as soon as you understand this, the impossible fight becomes a whole lot easier.

For anyone not too sure about what or where these are, they essentially only appear when you head out to take on the final spirit at the mountain. Toshi, the village leader, is your ultimate target, but before you can get to him, you’ll need to pass through three gateways and retrieve the relics needed to make it through to the try to beat him. Inside the gateways, you’ll face these ghostly spirits, so the tips below should help you make it through.

How to change the state of the shadow ghost enemy

The first thing that you need to do when facing off against one of the mask wearing ghost enemies is to change their state from spirit to physical enemy. This will see them going from shadowy form to the more normal tree bark look that enemies have in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

To do this, you need to parry one of it’s attacks. It’s claw swipe is the easiest, but you might be better off just trying to do it with anything and everything that it throws at you. If you haven’t mastered the parry move as of yet then now is the time to do it. The process can be a fit on the fiddly side, but it will definitely help you out when you’re trying to beat any of the Kena bosses, so it’s worth perfecting.

To parry, what you need to do is throw up your shield at the last second of an attack. Not all attacks in the game can be parried, but the spirit ghost enemies in Toshi’s fear don’t have any unstoppable attacks, so you can try it with everything. Try to watch the sword or claw as it moves through the air and just before you think it’s about to make contact hit up the shield and you should trigger the parry animation.

It might take you a little practice to get it right, but you can’t go anywhere until you beat these things, so you’ve got all the time you can give it really. Eventually, you’ll land a parry by accident and that will show you the timings for yourself.

Keep trying to mimic this and you should be able to land the move to change its form.

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How to kill the masked spirits

Once you’ve managed to land the parry to change it from spirit to a physical enemy, you can start to go for the kill. For the Cursed Chest once, this is simple enough, because it should be the only enemy that you have left in the fight. Standard hit combos should be enough with some well timed rolls.

However, you’ll need to make it through this without taking any damage yourself, so it’s a good idea to finish it off quickly and the Rot hammer is a good option for this, because it does some seriously heavy damage to them. Equally, when you go toe-to-toe with three of them later on in Toshi’s Fear, you’ll want to take them down quick because there are three at once.

Dodge roll a lot to stay out of their way once you have one in physical form, get in your hits to build up Rot abilities and use the Rot hammer to crush them. Cycle, rinse repeat for the other two shadow ghost enemies and you should be able to make it through this section. There’s a Rot health flower close by to get a hit of health part way through, with that and the technique above you should be able to beat them.

If you still need a little help, then it might be a good idea to look to your upgrades. Getting a Rot ability with every successful parry will definitely come in handy in term of finishing the shadow spirits off with Rot Hammer blasts, which do ridiculous damage.

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