Kena Bridge of Spirits how to open the Toshi’s Love gate in the right order

Kena Bridge of Spirits how to open the Toshi's Love gate in the right order

The gate puzzle appears as soon as you start Toshi’s Love, the beginnings of the end section of Kena: Bridge of Spirits. You essentially need to hit the four lights with the bow in the correct order, but this can be challenging with the number of combinations you can choose from.

It can also be tough to remember which ones you’ve already tried, so here’s the solution below to help you on your way. The good news is that with the first of gate, there are just three lights to aim for, so you may well have gotten lucky with this one.

However, there’s another gate later on in Toshi’s Love that has four light targets to go for, which makes it even more challenging. The details below will get you on your way and we’ll also throw in some more details in terms of how to complete Toshi’s Love. If that isn’t enough, you can also check out our Kena: Bridge of Spirits bosses guide to get some tips on how to fight and beat the Warrior at the end of the section.

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Toshi’s Love gate 1 order

Literally, as soon as you blitz through the gateway to Toshi’s Love, you’ll find yourself face to face with this puzzle to shoot the energy beacons in the right order. The good news is that this is a relatively easy one and you need to hit left first, then right and then the torch in the middle, which will create a translucent gateway screen in front of you to warp through.

If you’re wondering how to figure this out, there’s a pretty big clue on the screen while you’re playing. If you look up at the sky above each of the torches, you can see stars above each of them.

There’s one above the one on the left, which means it’s the first one to be hit, two for the one on the right and three for the one in the middle, which gives you the order to follow.

How to get to gate 2

Once you get past the first gate, you’ll then need to use the bomb move to bring up some platforms and then beat down the enemies once you get to the other side. You can then warp through the three doors to get around to the flower, take out any enemies and then you’ll be able to get rid of the corruption using the Rot.

You’ll then need to go around the portals again throwing bombs at the pillars until you’ve got them all before using the flower bind to get to the middle. You can then jump all the way around the middle platform section to get to the door to the next section where you’ll need to beat all of the enemies. You can check out our page on the shadow spirit enemies to find out how to kill them if you’re struggling, but once they’re out of the way you can clear the corruption and this will give you the second Toshi’s Love gate.

Toshi’s Love gate 2 order

To see the order for this one, you need to stand on each of the platforms and look up at the torches. You’ll get one star constellation visible for each of them and you can piece it together from there. You’ll need to use the Rot to move the platform to be able to get up to the high one, but that’s pretty easy to do.

To save you time, though, the order that you need to fire at is number one (being the first torch on the left hand side), then four, two and lastly three. Again, once you do that you’ll open the gates portal and get to warp through as usual.

How to get to the Warrior boss

The last section of Toshi’s Love is pretty each to get through. You just need to climb up to the top, circle around and use the bombs to activate the platforms across to the portal gate. Zoom on through them and you’ll finally come out at the top of the area, where the marker for the objective is.

Ring the bell at the top of the stairs and you’ll trigger the boss fight with the village Warrior. It might seem like a tough boss fight to begin with, but trust us it’s pretty simple once you realise that you can put it under a lot of pressure throughout the fight to speed on through it. However, if you’re struggling to defeat it you can check out the video guide below.

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