Levison Wood From Russia to Iran comes to Channel 4

Levison Wood From Russia To IranHaving walked the length of the Nile, the breadth of the Himalayas and some of the most gruelling areas of Central America, Levison Wood From Russia To Iran will see the wanderer take on his next big adventure. It will be his fourth series for Channel 4 and it’s another incredible insight into the countries he has travelled through, picking up parts of the historic Silk Route along the way.

Where his previous journeys have been almost entirely by foot, From Russia To Iran saw him being much more varied in his mode of transport. Walking was inevitably a big part of it, but it isn’t his sole mode of getting around with as he uses any means necessary to get from A to B. While our hopes of husky-drawn sleds, white water river rafting and camel rides in the wilderness went on to be dashed against the Caucasus rocks, there are a fair few lifts with locals, a short horse and cart trip and a few rides in the barren wilds.


The air date for the first episode was Sunday the 20th August 2017, so it was available to watch a lot sooner than expected. Walking The America’s only arrived on Channel 4 earlier in the year, so it was a surprise for the new show to land so soon afterwards. All three of his previous shows are available to watch on All 4, so you can catch-up pretty easily, and the 4 episodes from the new series are also free to view following their respective air dates.

The new series will see Levison Wood starting out in Southern Russia where he’ll pick up the trail of the Caucasus Mountains. He starts out in the Southern Russian states of Chechnya and Dagestan before crossing into Azerbaijan, heading for the Capital City of Bacu. He then travels to former soviet countries, Georgia and Armenia, before arriving at the slightly unconventional destination of Iran. It’s not his longest journey, and the fact that he’s not going to be walking the entire way takes the edge off a little, but it does put him in a unique position to see some interesting locations and meet some fascinating people.

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He taking in snow-capped mountains and hot desert dunes as he does his usual best efforts to get off the beaten track and find a new way of looking at the countries that he visits. The trip itself was completed earlier in the year, and this time there were no significant accidents along the way. However, we do know that he had some secret police to contend with before he made it home.

With both Iraq and Syria in close proximity to his travels, Levison Wood also interviewed a mother of two ISIS fighters to get her view on the ongoing war that has marred the region in recent years. All of his previous series have featured more serious elements like this with the last seeing him visiting a desperate immigration camp and walking directly through Cartel-land in Walking The Americas.

It isn’t all socio-political insight though, as he meeting a raft of locals from all walks of life as he goes, with different guides for each of his stages of the journey. There are gold-toothed wolf hunters, Iranian biker gangs and hideaway monks, so Levison Wood From Russia To Iran is another sprawling and varied up-close view into a little known area of the world. You can see more from the globetrotting wanderer’s travels on his Twitter page and you can read our review of the 4-part series for more details.


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