Levison Wood, Walking The Americas hardback and paperback release date

Levision Wood, Walking The Americas hardbackWe love a walk as much as anyone, but when it comes to mammoth rambling, Levison Wood is on the extreme fringes of the spectrum and his next big adventure, Walking The Americas, will see him trekking the central portion of the double continent landmass. Having already covered the length of the Nile and the great expanse of the Himalayan mountain range, he heading down Mexico way to start his journey through Central America.

Release date

Hardback & ebook:

Walking The Americas came out on hardback and ebook on the 23rd February 2017, so if you were looking for Christmas gift ideas you’ll have to make do with Walking The Nile and Walking The Himalayas. It didn’t get a release on audiobook from what we can see, so you’ll have to make do with left to right eye movement on this one.



The paperback release date has been confirmed for the 18th January 2018, just in time for Levison Wood’s next big adventure for Channel 4, From Russia To Iran.

About Walking The Americas

Levison Wood kick starts his Central America foot-powered walkathon in Mexico, where he lived for three months in a former life (we’re hoping he was a shaman necromancer for people looking to really get into the darker side of Día de Muertos). Ridiculous propositions aside, he’ll be following Mexico up with a trip further south, travelling into the heart of the connecting chain of countries between North and South America.

Having trained as a soldier in Belize during his time in the British Army, he’s inevitably going to be dropping in on the little coastal country, which looks out on the Caribbean Sea. He’ll be wracking up a total eight countries along the way with Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica ahead of him. The final leg of the epic expedition will see him attempting to make it through the Darién Gap, taking him into a massive swathe of undeveloped swampland and thick forest as he travels from Panama into Colombia and South America beyond.

About Levison Wood

Levi is now up to his third big walking adventure, with each one being documented in his book releases, as well as the associated Channel 4 TV shows. Channel 4 once aired the accompanying TV series for Walking The Americas, which arrived in early 2017. All 4 episodes are currently available to watch on All 4.

He’ll be following up Walking The Americas with his next adventure, From Russia To Iran, which is expected to arrive on Channel 4 in early 2018.


First impressions

With two book releases under his khaki belt, and the success of the TV series, Levison Wood’s Walking The Americas is sure to be another impressive clamber. With Mayan ruins, unexplored jungle, Costa Rica’s cloud forest and the vast variety of people living in Central America, we’re expecting a fascinating read and more random commentary from Lev.

If the previous walks have taught us anything, it’s that something could go dramatically wrong at any point. With a fellow walker dying while accompanying him in Walking The Nile and a catastrophic car crash in Walking The Himalayas, we’re hoping for a more tranquil visit to the Americas.

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