Limmy’s Show series 2 review, BBC 2

Limmy’s Show is well into its second series now, and if anything it gets better and more surreal by the episode. The Scottish sketch show is a twisted collection of comic genius with no easy comparisons, other than maybe Snuff Box, but even then, not really.

Limmy’s Show is created, directed and sometimes animated by comedian Brian Limond thanks to the success of his shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, which grew out of his Limmy’s World of Glasgow podcast. The show developed a cult following thanks to the much rougher 1st series, so Limmy is back for a second series, which is consistently hilarious.

There are plenty of great sketches, including one in which Limmond plays a bloke confounded by spotting a building for the first time on a route he takes every day. With a confident “Ah, well I annae ‘avin it!” he heads off to investigate, uncovering it as some sort of alien stronghold. There’s also the spaced out Dee Dee, who has some of the best adventures since Tin Tin, and Raymond Day, a television psychic that seems to be genuinely in touch with some very bitter spirits… “one more day dad, just one more day!”.

Limmy’s Show series 2 is one of the funniest programmes on TV right now, probably a close second to Bob’s Burgers. Perhaps the best thing I can say about it is that it isn’t propped up by stupid catch phrases. Like “Is he in?”, or “I’m not pathetic, he’s pathetic”, or maybe “I’ve got a claw hammer under my seat”, which is how a sketch show written by my dad would sound.

Limmy’s Show series 2 review – 4/5