Lingerie gifts

With birthdays, Christmas and the inevitable Valentine’s Day panic, are lingerie gifts the right way to go? Having bought lingerie as presents in the past, they work best as one of a few well thought out gifts, but if that’s all you’re planning on getting then you should make sure that it’s pretty classy (unless you’re fairly confident she’d like to swan around in a PVC nurses outfit or a maid’s apron).

With all this in mind, here are a few lingerie gift ideas to make things easier.


Boux Avenue lingerie gift ideas:

Boux Avenue lingerie gift ideasIf you’re looking for a good range of relatively inexpensive lingerie gift options, Boux Avenue is probably a good place to start. The three options that we’ve picked out give you a lot to go on, whether you’re looking for something delicate and pretty or a little more revved up.

The simple, neutral and classy amber lace balconette bra and thong on the left is a very safe option with a pale colour and tasteful embellishments, so it should look good no matter what without dialing things up on the sexy counter too much. The classic red red and black bow suspender set in the centre is a good choice if you want to take things up a notch without spending a fortune and the mesh babydoll on the right has got romantic night in written all over it.

Victoria’s Secret lingerie gifts:

Victoris Secret lingerie gifts

The key to understanding the lingerie on offer at Victoria’s Secret is in their strap-line “own the night”, as they set out to make scandalous underwear that is all about the bedroom. If that’s what you’re looking for and you think that your other half won’t be annoyed that they won’t be able to wear what you get them outside of the confines of the boudoir then there’s a hell of a lot to choose from here.

The fishnet corset on the left is ultra-cool with great detail and a few clever embellishments. The strappy garter belt in the centre is incredibly modern in its cutaway style and with options in red and black it’s got a lot of potential to go well with existing underwear. The flyaway babydoll on the right has a lot of the cute-sexy appeal of the standard babydoll without being overly youthful in its design.

Figleaves lingerie gift ideas:

Figleaves lingerie gifts

Figleaves go for a tasteful and classic design style  on the whole with the occasional modern embelishement to give their underwear  understated, but sharp lines and a contemporary feel. You’ve only got to look at the cutaway sections and the sheer see through blocks to see that they match up with some of the concepts that were on display at the SS15 London Fashion Week. Price wise, they’re mostly inexpensive, but equally a lot of their cooler options are more mid level.


The bloody Mary Pour Moi Pin Up under-wired bra and thong set in the centre combines simple design with modern twists with both cutaway and sheer sections to create a very stylish lingerie set. The Figleaves Boudoir Illicite basque on the right is sexy without losing the classy outlook to bedroom fashion that the brand focuses on. The cutaways are a great addition, making it a very on-trend and up-to-date look. The Chantelle Mouvance balconette bra and shorties on the right are beautiful, while also being fairly functional beyond the confines of the night.

Rosie for Autograph at Marks and Spencer lingerie:

Rosie for Autograph Marks and Spencer lingerie gifts

This has been one of the fashion design collaborations of the last couple of years when it comes to lingerie and its resulted in some very impressive traditional styles. They may not be the most contemporary designs on the market at the moment, but they’re incredibly classy and a sure fire winner as lingerie gifts go.

The pure silk wrap on the left is crisp and luxurious with cure lines and great detail on the lace arms. It’s a similar story with the silk chemise in the centre, which hangs comfortably and leaves a very stylish line to the figure, while the black silk suspender set is fashioned with great attention to simple details and quality finish.

Agent Provocateur lingerie gifts:

Agent Provocateur lingerie gifts

Our final selection of lingerie gift ideas comes from Agent Provocateur, which is at the higher end of the budget spectrum, but also at the top of the design and finish leaderboard. If you’re really looking to impress these sets could be go-to choices to really raise the bar with, but you will need to have a pretty big wallet ready and waiting.

With the recent addition of Agent Provocateur’s bright coloured lingerie, they’ve also managed to be one of the more stand-out underwear brands on the market and the ruby red and electric blue suspender sets are great choices from the new range. Equally, they do the classic looks very well, which is why we’ve added the lace ans sheer black suspender set in the middle.

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