Miranda series 2 review

I have 2 guilty television secrets at the moment, thanks to Miranda Hart’s 2nd series of Miranda on BBC2. The first is that I watch and like the show and the second is that sometimes I’m strangely attracted to Miranda’s oversized feminine frame.

Miranda is a 6 foot 1 inch joke shop owner, but after her Uni friend and crush Gary (Tom Ellis) left for Hong Kong at the end of the first series, she’s found herself in a slump, watching television with the fruit she has personified into her new friends. Bless.

Series two is filled with crazy twists and turns. Love interests fly in and out like stags on heat and Miranda is still beset by the horror of boarding school annoyance Tilly (Sally Phillips) and her deranged mum Penny (Patricia Hodge).

The show is like a French farce, filled with bizarre altercations, surreal segues and impossible situations. It doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s got a real old school comedy feel to it. Yeah I feel a bit dirty watching it, and if I get caught I switch it off like it’s a porno or something, but if I’m honest I like Miranda in more ways than one.

Miranda series 2 review: 4/5