Monster Hunter: World Elder Dragons trailer shows off more of the Capcom adventure

Monster Hunter World Elder Dragons trailerWe’ve had a lot of gameplay action to check out the potential of Monster Hunter: World, but the recent arrival of the Elder Dragons trailer for the Capcom adventure shows off a whole lot more than the same three beasts that were included for the open beta. The beasts that it features are pretty epic and with the release date fast approaching it’s a good sign that there’s going to be a lot for gamers to sink their teeth into.

The trailer below also shows a little of the story campaign side of the game, which has sort of taken second stage to the online multiplayer battles with huge beasts. However, it should be here that Monster Hunter: World gets its context in terms of why your characters are hunting monsters and what the overall point of it all is.

As fun as fighting mega-beasts is, it can seem a bit like random acts of cruelty for the most part, so hopefully the story side of the game will fill in the blanks a little more. The trailer hints at a migration of Elder Dragons from the old world to the new, which we’re assuming is going to pose a threat to the people of Astera, leaving the hunters to try to find some kind of solution, but we’ll find out more when the game arrives.

The trailer also shows off the variety of beasts that you’ll be tasked with hunting down for the Research Commission. In addition to the three we saw in the beta, there’s going to be a lot of different creatures to go up against, ranging from lizard-like monsters, to killer furry mammals and the elder dragons that have taken the leading role in the video.

It also features details on Capcom’s ongoing plans for Monster Hunter: World post game release with a series of free updates planned throughout the rest of the year. The first gets a preview at the end of the trailer, which shows the beast killer Deviljo, which will be arriving in a free update in spring 2018. It looks like it’s permanently carrying a Great Jagras in its mouth, so clearly it’s going to be pretty dominant in the Ancient Forest.

The Monster Hunter: World excitement doesn’t end with the new trailer, and you won’t have to wait until the 26th January to take it for a spin if you missed the previous beta period. There will be one last beta test run for the game ahead of the release, taking place between the 18th and the 22nd January, but it’s exclusive to PS4 gamers, despite the game being due out on both PlayStation and Xbox ONE.

This will introduce a new monster to hunt in the enormous might of the Nergigante, which is this huge horned Elder Dragon. PS4 players will also get another go at taking down the three monsters that featured in the previous beta test period, so you’ll be able to brush up on your Great Jagras, Anjanath and Barroth hunting skills a little more.

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