New Spider-Man PS4 video footage and story details

Spider-Man PS4Ever since that spectacular gameplay footage at this year’s E3, details have been rather sparse for the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game by Insomniac Games. However, to coincide with the PlayStation Experience weekend a new video has swung onto the Internet. This 4-minute long behind the scenes video gives us more details about the game’s narrative courtesy of some of the developers, while also showing off some awesome looking new gameplay.

The first thing you’ll notice when you watch the video is the developers’ passion for the Spider-Man character, with the writer saying that he is his favourite character in ‘all of literature’. It’s reminiscent of Rocksteady and their passion for the Batman character, which gave us the likes of Arkham Knight. They go on to mention how this game features this brand new Spider-Man world with a new Spidey look while emphasising how narrative-driven the game will be.


Spider Man PS4 PSX 2017 developer video

The many new details about Spider-Man PS4’s story focuses heavily on the mysterious Martin Li aka Mister Negative. It has been revealed that the focus idea of the narrative is that some people have a dark side and whether or not they want to give in to it, which fits in really well with this main antagonist.

Described as a ‘benevolent entrepreneur’, Martin Li owns homeless shelters across New York known as F.E.A.S.T, where Peter Parker’s Aunt May works. This is just the typical Peter Parker luck we know very well. Peter wants to take care of Aunt May, but can’t with his busy lives as a working man and as Spider-Man.

One clip shows Li creepily telling Peter to take care of his shelters as they are the best part of him. Once Peter makes that discovery that Martin Li is Mister Negative, he realises that by taking down the evil Mister Negative he’s also taking down the helpful Martin Li. It’s certainly not the first time this conundrum has occurred. But, it’s only a matter of time until Li discovers that Peter knows who he really is.

Mister Negative’s powers involve him being able to bring out someone’s dark side and shooting blasts of negative energy. As Martin Li, he will have weapons filled with negative energy but as soon as he gives into his dark side his powers are greatly amplified making him a dangerous foe for Spider-Man.

That’s not all on the character side of the game, though, as we will also see many recognisable characters both good and bad in the game from Kingpin to Mary Jane and Norman Osborn. This new Spider-Man world continues to sound really cool.


There’s plenty of brand new gameplay footage in the video to go along with all of this information which makes it a must-watch. We see Spider-Man foiling a bank robbery and having an epic subway battle with Mister Negative. In action, the game is looking gorgeous with the rendered city of New York looking like a delight to calmly swing through as you see the sun beaming down. It’s great to see a Spider-Man game that’s packed full of hype and we can’t wait for a release date to eventually be announced so that we know when we’ll be able to don into the Spidey suit. For more details on the gameplay check out our article on the E3 2017 gameplay footage.

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