Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb

Night At The Museum Secret Of The TombBen Stiller is about to bring the crazy antics of the collected antiquities to the big screen once again with the upcoming release of Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb to the big screen. Sadly, it’ll also be one of the last new movies featuring Robin Williams following his death earlier in August, as he stars once again as Theodore Roosevelt as the series continues following 2009’s Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian.

The third installment has been scheduled for a cinematic release date of the 19th December 2014 and will be available in 2D and 3D. Shawn Levy (The Internship) returns as the director of the film, having already directed the first two movies, bringing even more magic to the big screen re-imagining of Milan Trenc’s children’s picture story book, The Night At The Museum.


The story sees Ben Stiller (The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty) back in action as Larry Daley the night security guard at the American Museum Of Natural History in New York, which saw him discovering the strange power of The Tablet of Ahkmenrah, which brings the artifacts in the museum to life after dark. However, in the upcoming adventure, the magical power of the tablet begins to fade leaving Larry with the task of figuring why and trying to fix it before he loses all of his museum friends for good.

As you can probably tell from the poster above, the quest sees Larry, Dexter the capuchin monkey and a lot of the characters from the previous movies taking their fight for survival to London as they track down the creator of the tablet, Ahkmenrah’s father The Pharaoh. Check out the trailer below to get a preview of some of the action, with some of London’s most recognisable features coming to life under the spell of the dwindling power of the tablet, including antiquities in the British Museum and the lions from Trafalgar Square.

You can also see from the trailer that in addition to Robin Williams, the cast also sees Owen Wilson (The Internship) and Steve Coogan (The Trip To Italy) back in their roles as the mini characters Jedediah and Octavius. Mizuo Peck returns as Sacagawea, Rami Malek is Ahkmenrah again and Ricky Gervais gets back into character as Dr. McPhee.

They’re added to by the inclusion of yet another British actor to the cast in Ben Kingsley (Jungle Book (2015)) as Ahkmenrah’s father, the Pharaoh. He gets a small part in the trailer and with lines like “You are speaking with the Pharaoh. Kiss my staff.” he’s clearly going to get even more opportunities build on his comedy skills following up on 2013’s Iron Man 3.

Night At Museum: Secret Of The Tomb looks set to be just as much fun as its predecessors, with a good helping of comedy might and some very cool CGI action, including an impressive multi-headed snake that they have to battle. The location in London brings a new slant to the series, which is rumoured to be the last of the Night At The Museum movies, giving the characters from the previous films a whole new backdrop to run around in.


Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb trailer:

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