Nintendo DSi XL news, UK release date & trailer

So I guess with the release of the Nintendo DSi XL, 5 March 2010, the debate comes down to a simple question of whether bigger is better, because by the looks of things the only new feature is the bigger screens and a stylus.

The whole point of a hand held console is that you can carry it around with you easily and one of the best things about the Nintendo DS is that it tucks away in a pocket. However, with the DSi XL’s bigger proportions, that isn’t going to be an option anymore, unless you’re still wearing Naff Naff jeans with ridiculously large pockets.

On the up side, if you’re happy with the discomfort of lugging around the XL, then you’ll get a 4.2 inch screen, apparently 93% bigger than it’s predecessor. Although, looking at the trailer, it doesn’t look like it makes that much difference in terms of gameplay and frankly who wants someone else looking over you’re shoulder when you’re busy pathetically ballsing up Brain Training or lining up a green shell to take poll in Mario Kart.