Operation Fortune age rating, parents guide and UK release date latest

Operation Fortune age rating, parents guide and UK release date

Jason Statham and Hugh Grant are about to team up in Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre, so here’s everything you need to know about the comedy spy caper, including the latest on the age rating in our parents guide, along with the UK release date. You can also find out more about the story and cast for the Guy Ritchie film, as well as our estimated runtime.

The plot centres on international spy extraordinaire, Orson Fortune (Statham), who leads a crack team in a bid to take down the might of mega money arms dealer, Greg Simmonds (Grant). His main port of call is the biggest name in Hollywood, Danny Francesco, played by Josh Hartnett, who he plans to use to get close to his target to pull off the job.

Danny is Greg’s favourite movie star, so they blackmail him into helping them, but his nerves don’t hold as well in the field as they do in front of the camera. From the look of the trailer, they just about pull off the initial pass and Danny gets to shadow the billionaire weapons mogul, but it also looks like there are going to be a lot of twists and turns, gun shots and car chases before the job is wrapped up in a messy and slightly bloody bow.


In addition to Jason Statham as Orson Fortune, Hugh Grant as Greg Simmonds and Josh Hartnett as Danny Francesco, the Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre cast also features Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation, Life After Beth) as a key member of Fortune’s spy operation. They’re joined by British rapper Bugsy Malone to complete the team. The film also stars Cary Elwes as their handler Nathan Jasmine.

We’ll update you with more information about the case as they’re confirmed.

Operation Fortune UK release date

The Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre UK release date has recently been moved to Friday the 18th March 2022, from its previous schedule of the 21st January. It was always a slightly loose plan due to COVID-19 pandemic and it’s still unlisted at a number of theaters, so we could see the date getting moved around again, but with restrictions coming down in the UK it’s got a lot more potential than the first date.

There were other factors that made us doubt the earlier projection for when the film will be out on the big screen in over here, as it was slated to arrive in cinemas in North America on 18th March 2022. That’s nearly two months later than this side of the Atlantic, which is a significant rarity, so we always expected Operation Fortune to release closer to the US date.

Obviously, the cinematic release will then have a knock on impact on the DVD, Blu-ray, digital and online rental for the film. With the new plan for March for the film, it should then arrive for home entertainment closer to June 2022.

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Age rating and parents guide

While the official Operation Fortune age rating hasn’t yet been confirmed for the UK by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), there’s a lot we can take from the trailer and Guy Ritchie’s previous films. The Gentlemen, for example, had an 18 certificate in the UK (rated R in North America), so that acts as a top range ball park for the upcoming spy flick.

However, it’s meant to be an action comedy, which you can see in the trailer, and the casting of Aubrey Plaza adds more confirmation to the lighter approach, so there may well be a lot less language and violence to take into account compared to The Gentlemen or Lovk, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Operation Fortune isn’t Guy Ritchie’s first spy comedy with his efforts on The Man From UNCLE (2015), which had an age rating of 12, so it’s possible that his new film will come in lower than an 18 certificate / R.

In terms of our parents guide, there’s still going to be a good level of violence and guns, but the impact of this will depend on its treatment in the film. Blood, injury close-ups and more graphic portrayal will obviously make this more extreme, and it’s a similar story for the language aspects of the movie. The trailer looks relatively low level in comparison to The Gentlemen, but then the trailer for the 2020 crime film wasn’t the expletive laden bone cruncher that the end film was either.

We’ll update you with more details on the film as they get confirmed. You can also check out our movie news section to keep tabs on the latest upcoming films, or visit the official website at www.operationfortune.movie/.


As with the age rating, the runtime for the film will be confirmed closer to the release date, but the previous two Guy Ritchie films – Wrath of Man and The Gentlemen – were a little under 2 hours long, so that’s a good estimate for Operation Fortune.