Simon Callow brings Shakespeare: The Man from Stratford to life at New Theatre, Cardiff

Cardiff is starting to look and feel a little bit cooler every time I visit. The city has been developing at pace for the last fifteen years and there doesn’t seem to be any let up. Now, on top of the stadium, the bay, the new St Davids centre and Milgi‘s yurt, it’s getting Simon Callow in the New Theatre’s Shakespeare: The man from Stratford.

If the name sounds familiar let me start by saying that he’s not to be confused with X Factor’s high wasted, box topped Simon Cowell. He’s actually the old dude that dies sadly in Four Weddings and a Funeral just after doing the highland fling (he was also in Carry on Laughing apparently). However, in addition to this he’s also been acting in theatre productions for a little over 37 years now, many of which have been critically acclaimed, so he’s got a lot of experience to add to his performance as Shakespeare.


Callow will be bringing all of his thespian might to bear in the one man show Shakespeare, which was written by Jonathan Bate, directed by Tom Cairns and produced by the Ambassador Theatre Group. The show’s short run opens on the 15th September at the new theatre and runs through to the 18th, so get your tickets while you can.

It’s not always easy to fill a stage with interest with a full cast of characters, so it’s not exactly going to be easy for Callow to fill the New Theatre with just himself, but he’s probably one of a few big characters in theatre that could possibly pull it off.

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