Stranger Things Series 2 trailer 2 creeps in from another dimension

Stranger Things Series 2 trailer 2With just a matter of weeks to the release of Stranger Things Series 2, Netflix has just landed with trailer 2 to ramp up the chills even more. It was already the most anticipated show this Autumn and if anything the new trailer has only ramped things up further with more split second shots of what’s coming later this month.

This trailer gives far more away than any of the previous videos with a fair few clips of the giant-sized monster marauding little town of Hawkins, more of El and sections featuring the Department For Energy lab that featured so heavily in the first series. It’s obviously not enough to give the game away too much, but it’s definitely the most detailed trailer for Series 2.


Stranger Things Series 2 trailer 2:

There are still the shots of Mike and gang in their Ghostbusters outfits, but there’s clearly a lot more to the upcoming sci-fi series than nostalgia. There are even previews of the Upside Down alternate dimension where the monsters that haunted the town for the first series originate.

However, it would appear as though things are very different this time around with a much bigger monster to take on that towers over the town with it’s fat, tentacle-like legs. From what Hopper is saying it not being like it was before and that it’s grown, we can only assume that it’s still linked to the creature in the first series, but that it’s evolved or changed somehow. However, we’ll have to wait for the release to find out all of the details.

Trailer 2 begins with a scene with El out in a snow covered forest floor as she retrieves a food package, which we’re expecting was left by Hopper, so she’ll be a big part of Series 2. There’s also a scene in which she can be seen using her telekinesis powers, so it looks like she’s still able to do things with her mind, despite the traumatic climax of the final episode of the previous series.

There’s a real climax to the video too, which we’re expecting from the series itself, with everything building to what looks like a serious confrontation. By the end of the trailer, most of the characters are pretty tooled up, so it’s clearly going to be action packed and ready for a fight.

Trailer 2 also confirms the release date for Stranger Things Series 2, which will be available to stream at maximum binge on the 27th October 2017. It’s a little more specific than the Halloween references we’d seen before, so now the challenge will be trying to get through them all before it’s time to get our own costumes on. It’s going to be dark, it’s going to be intense, and it’s going to be very, very strange.


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