Stranger Things Series 2 release date and trailer confirmed


Stranger Things Series 2While this year’s Super Bowl was apparently one of the best in history, for us the most exciting thing to come out of it all was the reveal of the Stranger Things Series 2 release date during its commercial spot. There were a fair few other big name trailers on show, including Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge, Transformer: The Last Knight and Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, but it was the Netflix original that got the most attention from us.

We already knew quite a lot about the films, but with the 80s sci-fi horror sequel it was all new and all pretty freaky. It’s only a short trailer, which you can watch below, but it does give us our first taste of what to expect from the second season. If the weird, giant spider thing half way through is anything to go by then it should be bigger and scarier than the first multi-dimensional wonder.

Release date

In addition to super monsters, the trailer also confirmed that the Stranger Things Series 2 release date will be on Holloween 2017 (31st October 2017), so you’ll be able to get your fix of sci-fi horror all in one place. As ever, Netflix will be throwing up the entire series at the same time, so you’ll be able to binge on as many episodes as you can before heading off to do some bobbing for apples. Alternatively, you can just stay in, get the Evil Edna costume out again and finish the entire series, while ignoring the eggs pelting your front door and lobbing flumps into your mush.

Things to look out for in the trailer

The giant spider creature appears twice, once looming on the horizon on a dark and scary night, and once sketched on a notepad, and it’s worth rewinding the trailer a couple of times to make sure you see them both. The appearances are only fleeting, but it’s the sketch that appears to be a bit more detailed with a central head and four multi-legged limbs. If that’s what Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas have got to face this time around then they’re going to need more than BMXs to run away from it.

The good news, though, is that Eleven shows up a couple of times, so maybe she’ll be coming to their rescue once again. Her disappearance at the end of the opening series still leaves a lot of questions, but the tease of the Eggo commercial in the trailer seems to be trying to tell us all something. If you remember one of the final scene at the end of Series 1, it featured Hopper leaving Eggo waffles and other food out in the forest, so maybe El has got an other dimensional older brother competing with her for the tasty treats.

We’re big fans of the Ghostbusters costumes that you can see Mike, Dustin and Lucas wearing, but there’s a distinct split between the three and their friend Will in the trailer. Not only does he not get a cool costume, but he isn’t pictured with them once. In fact, the only times he does show up are pretty intense. Either he’s got his head in his hands or he’s looking out the front door at the approach of the giant spider monster, so it’s pretty clear that he’s going to have another bad time of things. If throwing up slug-like creatures and getting fleeting glimpses of the Upside Down alternate universe at the end of the first show wasn’t tough enough, it looks like all hell’s going to break loose for him in Series 2. Check out our Stranger Things review for more details and you can follow the official Twitter page for more info.

Stranger Things Series 2 trailer:

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