The Strokes, Under Cover of Darkness review

The StrokesAfter nearly an age out of music, The Strokes are back with their new single, Under Cover of Darkness. The first rumbles of the comeback were felt last summer with a number of comeback shows, including a class set at the Isle of Wight festival 2010.

Under Cover of Darkness is the first single to be released from their upcoming album Angles kick-starting their potential return to the brilliance of their first two albums. While their third album wasn’t as well received (despite it being ace – Electricityscape), Under Cover of Darkness sounds like the first single from the missing album between Is This It? and Room on Fire.


It’s a massive grower and the more you listen to it, the more the riffs start to embed. They’re big and sprawling, verging on the Brian May side during the guitar solo, but just pulling back before it all gets clichéd. While we’ve had a little of Julian Casablacas’ vocals recently with his solo album Phrazes for the Young at the end of 2009, it’s great to hear him back alongside the sound of Nick Valensi and Albert Hammond Jr.’s guitar.

Under cover of Darkness is a solid first sound for the return of the Strokes with new material, but maybe it is just a glimmer of the potential of Angles. Hopefully, the might of 12:51 and Last Night will return once again. One thing’s for sure, The Strokes gigs will be the coolest you’ll see this year.

The Strokes, Under Cover of Midnight review – 4/5