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EP and single reviews for some of the best new music releases. With the singles chart a pale shade of what it used to be, we're here to look at some of the real contenders for EP and single high fives with our in-depth reviews. Read more/less

The Shins, Dead Alive

The Shins, Dead Alive single review

While James Mercer and the rest of The Shins had been teasing the shindigs out of their fans with only the most fleeting of...
DJ Shadow featuring Run The Jewels Nobody Speak

DJ Shadow & Run The Jewels, Nobody Speak single review

Blending rap, electro, hip hop, funk and spaghetti alt-guitar wonder in the same 3:15 confines is no easy effort to land well, but the...
The Stone Roses, Beautiful Thing single

The Stone Roses, Beautiful Thing single review

While there's no new album just yet, The Stone Roses has finally released new material and it's a welcome return to the music scene...
The Strokes

The Strokes, Future Present Past EP review

Out of nowhere, as if by magic and to the general disarray of us, The Strokes have popped up with a whole new 4-track...

Hinds, Bamboo single review

When you think about pop music, the norm is on the safer side of the musical spectrum, but it has never been so unadulterated...
Deerhunter, Breaker

Deerhunter, Breaker single review

Continuing their charge in search of the various musical prizes that they're so keen on tracking down, Deerhunter returned this year with yet another...
The Dead Weather, I Feel Love

The Dead Weather, I Feel Love single review

With new album, Dodge And Burn, due out on Friday the 25th September, The Dead Weather are back and louder than ever and if...
Courtney Barnett, Nobody Really Cares If You Go To The Party

Courtney Barnett, Nobody Really Cares If You Go To The Party review

Courtney Barnett returned earlier this year with her debut album, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, following up on her...
Everything Everything, Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread review

Everything Everything, Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread single review

Mancunian art pop rockers Everything Everything are back with their third studio album, Get To Heaven, and the latest single, Spring / Sun /...
Orange Vision

Orange Vision, Dark Around The Eyes review

Orange Vision has been flickering firmly on the new band sonar for a little while this year and their latest track, Dark Around The...
Beck, Dreams

Beck, Dreams single review

We're starting to think that you can't second guess Beck, because just when you think you've got the dude pegged he splits off in...
La Bete Blooms, Nothing Left But The Taste

La Bête Blooms, Nothing Left But The Taste review

Following up on their self titled E.P. from last year, which included our favourite single, Stay Away, La Bête Blooms are back with new...

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