Where to watch The Book of Boba Fett in the UK

Where to watch The Book of Boba Fett in the UK

With the recent arrival of the trailer, it’s time to talk about where to watch The Book of Boba Fett in the UK as Temuera Morrison returns to familial role. The spin-off follows on from the critical and commercial success of The Mandalorian, which expended upon the Star Wars universe, building on the fan appreciation that the character of Boba Fett has picked up over the year in the sci-fi community.

The feared bounty hunter first appeared in Star Wars Holiday Special in 1978, a year after Star Wars hit the big screen, but it wasn’t until The Empire Strikes Back that he debuted in the main series working for Darth Vader to hunt down the Millenium Falcon. He returned again in The Return of the Jedi working for Jabba, but it wasn’t until The Clone wars that Temuera Morrison took on the role of Jango Fett and the rest of his clones, including his son Boba.

He then reappeared in the second series of The Mandalorian, helping to Mando to keep Grogu safe from Imperial troops to get his armor back with the help of Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen), who will also star alongside Morrison in The Book of Boba Fett. The last we saw of them, they had just seized control of Jabba the Hutt’s Palace on Tatooine, which is where the story for the series will pick things up.

Where to watch The Book of Boba Fett?

The simple answer to the question is that The Book of Boba Fett will stream on Disney+ in the UK from the Wednesday the 29th December, which is a similar story to other locations like the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of Europe. If you want to watch the series, then you will need a subscription, which costs £7.99 in the UK, but if you don’t have one and don’t want to get one, we’ve come up with a few ideas for you below.

If you were counting on a DVD or Blu-ray release for the series, you might want to think again. Neither of the opening two seasons of The Mandalorian are available on the main formats for home entertainment and you can’t get them digitally from providers like Apple’s iTunes or Amazon video, so at the moment if you want to watch the series then you will need to get access to Disney+.

Historically, there have been introductory offers for the streaming service where you can watch whatever you want for free for a month, which would be enough time to make it through a good chunk of The Book of Boba Fett. However, those offers are much more fleeting these days, so they’re difficult to come by.

It’s still worth looking out for them, but a free week is just not Disney’s opening gambit anymore. There are offers out there, though, with the most prominent being with O2 where you can get something like 6 months for free with their latest plans.

If you’re already with O2 you can upgrade to a new plan to get it and if you’re not then you can move over to O2 to take advantage of the deal. If you aren’t ready to upgrade yet as an existing customer there’s also a discounted Disney+ option for you to go for, making this your best opportunity to watch The Book of Boba Fett for free or less than the usual subscription cost.

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You can also see additional info on the series in the run up to the streaming release with the official Disney+ Twitter page at https://twitter.com/disneyplus.

More creative ways to watch Disney+

If you have friends or family that already have a subscription then you might want to ask for a visit to their house in and around the 29th December to be able to watch at least the start of The Book of Boba Fett. If, however, they’re vising you over the Christmas and New Year holidays then you can ask them to bring along their streaming device to check it out on too.

If you’ve got a modern TV, they will be able to stream from an Apple devise and view on your TV using Air-play 2. Not all TVs are compatible, so it’s worth checking this out before going to too much trouble with the popcorn maker and energy drinks for the all-night binge.

How many episodes will there be

At the time of writing, Disney+ hasn’t officially confirmed how many episodes there will be of The Book of Boba Fett to watch, but there’s plenty to go on from previous Star Wars shows. The first season of The Mandalorian had eight episodes with each one lasting between 30 and 42 minutes with the only exception being the season finale, Redemption, being 45 minutes long.

It was then followed up in 2020 with another eight episodes in Season 2, which started out with the opener, The Marshall, at 50 minutes. The rest of the series ranged from 30 minutes to 43 minutes building up to the epic last episode, The Rescue, which was 44 minutes long.

Based on this, we’re expecting TBOBF to be in the same ball park with 8 to 10 episodes to watch in total. The only curve balls to add are that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier only had 6 episodes, but then Wandavision had 9, so we’re still expecting it to be between 8-10 episodes for Boba Fett and his bid to tame the other dark side of Tatooine.

You can check out our TV news section to see other big releases that are on the way this year, or visit the Disney+ website to see more on the show at https://www.disneyplus.com/.

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