Yoshi’s Crafted World Poochy’s Tape Trail flower 2 timer

Yoshi's Crafted World Poochy's Tape Trail flower 2 timer

If you’ve made it to Poochy’s Tape Trail in Yoshi’s Crafted World then you’re bound to have come up against the timer cloud challenge of flower 2. It’s a seriously tough puzzle with little time to take everything in and think laterally enough to be able to hit each of the three blue coins to pick up the flower.

The level is a marked step up in terms of difficulty and the second flower is the first you will genuinely struggle with. As soon as you trigger the cloud timer, three Shy Guys leg it with their blue coins and hide behide the bushes and trees around them. If that isn’t enough, they can also move between cover making it even more difficult to ping them with and egg.


To top it off, you’ll also need to start the level off from the beginning every time you fail, so it’s bound to leave you fuming at least once before you do it. There’s also an egg resource management issue that can leave you without enough eggs to hit all of the blue coins and pick up flower 2.

With the details below, you should have more of a chance of picking it up, but even with this knowledge it’ll still need a fair amount of skill and speed. Expect to replay this a couple of times until you’ve got the process right, unless you get lucky and ace it first time.

How to get Poochy’s Tape Trail flower 2 timer

Starting the timer cloud to pick up flower #2 is the only easy thing about this one. However, the fact that you run out of eggs pretty fast if you try to knock over all of the cover to get to the Shy Guys is a pretty big clue that you need to do something different to get them all before the timer runs out.

While you can position yourself close to the egg plant to replenish your stock, there really isn’t enough time for this method to work. Instead, what you need to do is use the egg bounce technique.

Aim your eggs at the cover directly behind the Shy Guys and it’ll bounce back at them to take them out and give you the blue coin with a single hit. Repeat this for both of the Shy guys at the front and that will ether make the one at the back cone out of hiding or you’ll need to knock it’s tree cover down to get him.


Moving fast is important throughout the entirety of the timer challenge, but it becomes more important with the last Shy Guy. Aim quickly and get in a shot to finish things off and get Poochy’s Tape Trail flower 2. If you’re still struggling to do it, you can watch the video below. Flower #2 is at 1:15.

Poochy’s Tape Trail is fairly early on in Yoshi’s Crafted World, so there are bound to be more challenging flowers to face later in the game. Drop a comment in the video above to let us know if you struggle with any more of the pickups in the game and we’ll try to answer your question or create a post to show you what to do.