Adobe Photoshop Express iPhone app

Adobe Photoshop Express iPhone app imageThe Adobe Photoshop Express app is free, easy to use and works brilliantly. 2 words…get it! Just choose your pics from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and start playing around with them to give them a whole new look or just to tweak them a little to improve the lighting or colour. Then you can upload them directly to Photoshop, Facebook & TwitPic to share your photographic and editing genius with the world or use them in one of you full designs.

Some of the cooler features included in the app are the ability to crop your photography directly on you iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad, changing the tint, adding rainbow, pop-art, black & white and vintage effects, as well as being able to straighten, rotate & flip images. While it’s definitely not even close to containing the same firepower as the main Photoshop software, its a cool little app to add to your design capabilities.

For shots that you’ve got a touch of the shakes, you can sharpen them up a little to cut down on the fuzz and for others that are slightly overexposed, you can tone down the light factor to make bad shots look better.

However, by far the most fun is layering the effects to create your own results. Rainbow, sketch and soft black and white is a pretty cool combo (see Belle du Bois below), but there is a lot that you can do on the Adobe Photoshop Express app.

It’s got an easy to adopt user interface with an intuitive feel that makes getting started pretty effortless. It’s fast and comes with a good number of options, which are all the more sweet knowing that the app is actually free.

Adobe Photoshop Express iPhone app review: 4.5/5

Here are a couple of our efforts below to give you a glimpse at the kind of effects that you can :

Adobe Photoshop Express iPhone app image 2Adobe Photoshop Express iPhone app image 3