Baywatch (2017) movie UK releaseYou can always count on Hollywood for a steady supply of both silly comedies and overblown remakes and in the upcoming Baywatch movie we’ll be getting a perfect storm of both. It’ll add to the release of the tongue-in-cheek reboot of CHiPs a little earlier in the year, giving us more than enough “so bad it’s laughably entertaining” potential to sink our joke shop gnashers into.

For any 90s children out there, especially the men, the Pamela Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth and Erika Eleniak life guard TV drama will occupy a very special in your memory. The film attempts to tap into this in a big way, while also poking fun at its more serious predecessor. You can check out some of the ridiculous action in the trailer below, along with the modern day replacements for the names, faces and bouncy runs that we all remember so fondly.

Release date

Baywatch (2017) has been slated for a UK release date of Friday the 2nd June 2017, following on from its arrival at the US box office in the 26th May 2017. It’ll have some pretty stiff competition in the UK as it comes out on the same weekend as Wonder Woman, which has been tipped by many, us included, to be one of the must-see superhero movies of the year.


The film follows closely in the footsteps of the TV series, picking things up with lifeguard Mitch Buchanan – this time played by Dwayne Johnson (Moana) – as he tries to deal with the drama and heroics of keeping his patch of Californian coastline safe. The addition of a loud-mouthed new recruit doesn’t exactly make things easy, but with his trusty team of red swimsuits to rely on, he’s got more than enough yin with his yang.

Things get a little tricky, though, when they uncover a plot that threatens the future of the Bay as a dead body is discovered, forcing them all to go above, beyond and sometimes below the call of duty. With criminals muscling in on the tranquility of the beach, the team will need a whole lot of slow motion sequences to save the day.

Baywatch trailer:


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson leads the cast as Mitch Buchanan, taking over from David Hasselhoff to head up the Bay lifeguards, and he’ll be joined by Zach Efron (Dirty Grandpa) as the brash new recruit in the team, Matt Brody, who was played previously by David Charvet. The cast also includes Alexandra Daddario (San Andreas) as Summer Quinn, Kelly Rohrbach as C.J. Parker and Ilfenesh Hadara as Mitch’s love interest Stephenie Holden.

Former Miss World and Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra has also been cast in the film.


Seth Gordon (Pixels) has directed the movie remake. You can see more on the production of the film at the official Twitter page.

First impressions

The words, “And the Academy Award for Best Movie goes to Baywatch (2017)” may not apply, but who doesn’t have at least a little soft spot for the TV series that’s now transposed onto the movie? It’s going to be daft and way over the top, but it’ll probably bring a few smiles to your face long the way. If you hate this kind of movie then obviously you’re never going to have any inclination to see this one, but if you just want a kick, back and relax, zero-thinking entertainer that might just give you a few small chuckles, then you’re in luck.

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