Bruce Springsteen autobiography, Born To Run, on its way

Bruce Springsteen autobiography Born To RunBruce Springsteen’s musical career dates back to the mid sixties, but his breakthrough didn’t really happen for another decade of dedication, paving the way for one of rock’s greatest musical legends. Now his life’s story is about to be told in his autobiography, Born To Run, which will be his look back on an epic sixty six years of being the boss.

The book, named after his 1975 breakthrough album, will be available on hardback and ebook from the 27th September 2016 and after a summer of European tour dates, its pretty clear that there’s probably going to be room for a volume two in ten years or so. He’s also released an impressive five albums in the last ten years, so it would appear that there’s the possibility for more running in the not too distant future.


In the synopsis notes, Bruce promises to show us his mind, which is a bit of an unconventional way of saying that he’s tried to give readers a real insight into himself as a person as well as a rock star. If the statement also implies that he’s got a high propensity for unusual phrases in general then that could be a whole new reason to want to read the book.

Born To Run will covers everything from his upbringing in a Catholic family in Freehold, New Jersey right the way up to the modern day with everything in between. A key section will be about his epiphany moment when he realised he wanted to be become a musician having just seen Elvis Presley’s live TV debut on the Ed Sullivan show. Whether it was the hip shaking, the music or the response of the lasses in the audience, it’ll all be revealed in the autobiography.

The book will also feature his subsequent relentless bid to make it in the music industry; his early days as a bar band rocker and his eventual first signs of success with the E Street Band. It was a career that didn’t exactly land instantly and Springsteen’s initial struggle to find his front-man feet makes up a good portion of the book, leading in to the new revelations about his classic stadium rock epic song, Born To Run.

Hopefully, there will also be a bit about his thought process when dancing, because it’s literally brilliant/hilarious. If you’ve never seen it before check out the Dancing In The Dark video below to see what we mean. For that matter, hopefully there’ll be at least a minor mention for Courteney Cox, who also features in the video, so maybe there’s a kiss and tell story in and among that somewhere too.

Bruce Springsteen Dancing In The Dark music video:

It took Bruce Springsteen a whopping seven years to write the autobiography, so either it’s going to be pretty extensive, or he’s just a slow writer – althought he fact that the book is over 500-pages long would indicate that its the former rather than the latter. The writing process began when Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performed at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2009, inspiring him to write about his experience. Since then he’s been hunched over his typewriter knocking out the book of his life, taking the occasion break to do a new album, worldwide tour or a quick boogie with an imaginary Courteney Cox, so it should be a good one, but “remember, in the end, nobody wins, unless everybody wins!” #genius.


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