Dark Mirror: Edward Snowden And The Surveillance State, Barton Gellman hardback release

Dark Mirror: Edward Snowden And The Surveillance State, Barton Gellman hardback releaseWe all know that the states under which we live have pretty sophisticated spying mechanism, but few of us know the details of what goes on behind secret doors. That’s all about to change with the upcoming hardback release of Barton Gellman’s Dark Mirror: Edward Snowden And The Surveillance State, which delves deep into the shadows of government snooping thanks to the revelations of former CIA employee Edward Snowden.

It’s a story that was at least partially covered in the recent movie release, Snowden, which told the human story of Edward’s discovery and eventual theft of documents relating to US government surveillance activity. Gellman picks this up with his study of the documents leaked by the NSA contractor, his own time with him and his subsequent investigation into the extent of the snooping.

Release date

If you’ve seen Snowden and you’re left with more questions, unfortunately you’ll have a little wait on your hands as the hardback release date hasn’t been scheduled in the UK until the 6th June 2017. In addition to the hardback release, the book will also be available as a digital download for e-readers, but based on the subject matter, you should probably expect some low level NSA flunky to be reading along with you every step of the way, while they update their hit parade of their ten biggest Call Of Duty ranks. We’re not sure if that’s a joke or an actual possibility, but we still haven’t caved in on the DIY foil hat and Black taping device cameras as of yet, so things can’t be completely lost.

About Barton Gellman’s Dark Mirror: Edward Snowden And The Surveillance State

The book documents the controversy surrounding US intelligence gathering, as leaked by Edward Snowden in 2013. Gellman was one of the first journalists to hold discussions with him at the time and what follows on from that point is an inside account of the massive super structures and networks that go in to powering a global surveillance construct that we now know pervades all of our lives in one way shape or form.

Gellman went on to share the Pulitzer Prize for the publication of the revelations, but his part in bringing the documents to the public is only the start of the content contained within Dark Mirror. This is added to by further investigation by the Washington Post journalist over the years following the leak, including the discovery of his own name on an NSA document.

The book promises yet more revelations into the worrying world of the secret state-run all seeing eye machine and its grip on the world’s largest tech firms. It sets out the extent of its grubby tentacles connected to the behemoths of Silicon Valley, while also shedding light on what Barton Gellman refers to as “the most powerful corporation whose name you’ve neverheard”.

First impressions

Dark Mirror: Edward Snowden And The Surveillance State looks set to be an important read that reveals much more detail about a situation that has clearly gone too far. Where Snowden is the dramatisation of the events that led to the leak, Barton Gellman’s book will be the detailed analysis of the situation and it’s ramifications for the public. If you want to know where the rabbit hole is and just how far it reaches, Dark Mirror will be the guide.

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